Four Steps to Your Dream Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel GuideYou have been so excited about the possibilities of your new kitchen remodel, but, suddenly you are feeling completely overwhelmed. Believe us, we get it. Without a clear understanding of product choices, pricing and design trends, it’s tough to know where to start with a kitchen remodel.

That is why we have put together a helpful four-step kitchen remodeling guide seen below. First-timers can use this as a resource, and it can also be used as a refresher course for those who are re-designing their kitchens (again).

1. First Things First: Develop a Wish List and Know Your Budget

The first step is make a list of everything you need and want. Carefully review the list, circling the needs, and prioritizing each one. Next, do the same thing for the wants. Be sure to bring this handy tool to your first meeting with your designer or remodeler. At Republic West Remodeling, can help align your list with your specific budget.

Speaking of budget, this is a critical part of the process. When we say, “know your budget,” we mean you must really, truly know it, and try sticking to it for the most part. Always allow 10-15 percent extra for your unexpected expenses. After all, you never know what “issues” may arise in the middle of a remodel.

2. Determine Your Style

Typically, the best kitchen designs fall into one of several categories: Traditional, Modern or Transitional:

  • Traditional: If you lean toward this style, you like a cozy kitchen that reminds everyone of the idea of “home.” You prefer natural wood, and you appreciate curves as much, or more, than lines and angles.
  • Modern: Think clean lines, angles and edges, and an overall cool aesthetic if you are leaning toward modern. Stainless steel appliances, streamlined cabinets and minimal countertop accessories are all part of the modern look.
  • Transitional: With this one, you tend to like a little of both. Your gourmet kitchen has top-of-the line stainless steel appliances and a natural stone countertop, but it also provides a warm, inviting atmosphere.

3. Kitchen Cabinets

Your style choice will eventually lead you to the your ideal cabinet choice in terms of door style, finish and tone/color Here are a few options:

  • Custom Cabinetry: If you are completely gutting your kitchen, always inquire about custom cabinetry. You can work with us to design the cabinets of your dreams.
  • Cabinet Refacing: If you’re content with your current cabinet layout but want to update the design, cabinet refacing can be the perfect option. Not only is it environmentally-friendly, but also refacing can save you lots of money.

4. Choose Your Countertops

Kitchen countertop selection is vital. After all, counters reflect your own personal style. Here are some suggestions based on common preferences:

  • Eco-friendly: Corian and Quartz countertops use post-consumer recycled products, low-toxicity synthetic materials and are very durable. They’re also extremely low-maintenance.
  • Luxury: Granite countertops are still considered a top-shelf finish, with countless colors and patterns to choose from. Always be sure to seal granite surfaces annually to preserve their natural beauty.
  • Budget: Laminate surfaces have come a long way in the past two decades. Request samples that closely mimic natural stone and Corian counters.

Once you have the above four areas in order, your decisions regarding flooring, backsplashes, hardware and other custom design options will fall easily into place. And as always, you can schedule a free consultation with Republic West Remodeling for assistance and recommendations with your Phoenix kitchen remodeling project.

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