Trendy Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen BacksplashIf you are hoping to show off your personal style in your kitchen, the backsplash can be a perfect place to do this. This often under-used style element can help you bring personality, style and mood to your kitchen.

If you are currently designing your kitchen backsplash, consider these options as a unique focal point for your kitchen:


Ceramic and glass tile come in a wide range of choices. Fill your kitchen with style and class as you carefully select a pattern that will stand out.

Tumbled Stone 

A unique option, tumbled stone or glass can create a warm, natural feel in your kitchen. An added bonus: stone tiles or tiles made of recycled glass are environmentally friendly.


Copper tiles can create a distinctive backsplash that will help make your kitchen sparkle and shine. Try either a sheet of hammered copper or placing pennies one by one next to each another.


Traditional ceramic tile is shaken up and brought to a new level when you select brickwork or even a herringbone pattern. These patterns are an old classic, yet a hot kitchen trend this year.

Stacked Columns

If you want to create a classic look for your kitchen that lends a trendy feel, try the stacked columns look for your tile. Stacked tiles can be small, allowing you to repeat the pattern more frequently, or go larger to create a cleaner look.


Timeless, yet modern tin tiles can lend a metallic effect to your backsplash. These tiles are very easy to clean and can hold up to many of the common knicks and bangs in your kitchen.

Whether you are designing a classic country kitchen or leaning toward something modern and trendy, there’s a backsplash tile option for you. At Republic West Remodeling, we can help you give the heart of your home a whole new look as part of your kitchen renovation project in Phoenix.

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