Kitchen Counters: The Warmth of Wood

Wood CountertopsDue to their natural appearance, distinct colors and detailed grains, wood countertops can make for a cozy addition to any kitchen. They also can be a superb accent to hardwood floors or cabinets in the kitchen.

While wood counters tend to have an authentic, “antique” feel, they’re also elegant and sleek enough to match any modern design.   

Wood Varieties

Wood counters are usually made up of hardwoods, such as maple, oak, cherry or teak. However, they don’t come in big boards or pieces of lumber. Instead, they are typically assembled in parts: cut strips stacked upon one another and tightly glued. These wood pieces vary in thickness depending on their use and location. Here are two different compositions to choose from:

  • Edge grain: This look is achieved when strips of wood are placed length-wise and edge to edge, forming long, sleek surfaces. This construction looks smooth and beautiful in any kitchen, and is commonly used for most any traditional-style kitchen countertops.
  • End grain: Commonly used in butcher blocks or islands, this type of construction uses short blocks of wood arranged so that the ends point up, revealing their growth rings. These wood counters are generally thicker, form a checker-board pattern and are much more durable.

Here are some additional benefits when installing wood counters in your kitchen:

  • They are sanitary: Wood counters are naturally hygienic because they have an inherent, built-in protection against bacteria.
  • Easy to repair: Unlike other materials, if wood countertops are ever damaged, you can simply sand away the undesired marks to quickly smooth out the surface.
  • They are adaptable: The rustic look of wood allows these counters to go practically anywhere. Put them in the kitchen for high-use areas, install them on your wet bar, develop a butcher block island and much more.

Finally, keep in mind that wood countertops are porous and naturally prone to water damage. With this in mind, it’s important to have your home remodeling services professional apply a finish to retain the wood’s natural moisture levels, as well as to bring out their beautiful grain.

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