Kitchen Appliance Trends: Hot Equipment and Cool, New Tech Toys

Kitchen Remodeling RefrigeratorNo matter how fantastic your newly remodeled kitchen looks, you need the right appliances to make it all work.

And while there’s no “standard’ set-up, most homeowners today have to find the appliances that best fit their personal lifestyle.

Here are some increasingly popular tech toys and cooking equipment being used by kitchen remodeling contractors in Phoenix in 2016:


The good, ol’ family fridge is one appliance that has undergone significant changes in recent years. Perhaps the most exciting trend is what industry pros are referring to as the “disassembling” of the unit. What does this mean? Instead of the actual refrigerator increasing in size, now, the unit is being broken up into pieces and being placed in all the areas in a kitchen where they are needed most.

For example, some homeowners are ‘breaking off’ the freezer and placing it out elsewhere, out of what they call the main line of fire. Instead of installing a 48-inch unit, some people are using a 24- or 30-inch refrigerator-only column, relocating the freezer to another area in the room. Why? This option can free up valuable counter space where all the work and cooking happens – and while busy chefs may reach into the refrigerator eight times in one meal prep, they typically don’t go into the freezer as many times.

Other new refrigeration trends include the increased use of separate refrigerator drawers, fully hidden units, and the new ability to switch parts of a refrigerator to a freezer or wine storage, on an as needed basis.


Innovative progress is happening to other appliances in the kitchen, as well. For instance, the steam oven is a huge revolution. This oven does everything that the microwave does (except heat up a cup of coffee or make popcorn). Yet, the quality of the food cooked in a steam oven is much better, according to many cooking aficionados.

Industry pros also say that traditional double ovens are generally “a thing of the past,” and some are even designing spaces by pairing a specialty convection oven—especially good for baking and roasting—with a steam oven or microwave/convection combination.

Additionally, under-the-counter drawer configurations are growing in popularity for microwaves, where they are less conspicuous and take up much less space.


New for dishwashers in recent years is the addition of a second, smaller unit in either a butler’s pantry (or wherever glassware is stored) – a major advantage when entertaining.

At Republic West Remodeling, our kitchen remodeling contractors in Phoenix have created beautiful kitchens in spaces of all shapes and sizes. There are strategies for working within small spaces or unusual layouts. Some options include space-saving appliances, custom-designed cabinets and creative layout arrangements. Contact us today for details.

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