Avoid Getting Burned When Choosing a Kitchen Remodeler

Choosing a Kitchen Remodeler It is every property owner’s worst fear: you hire a home improvement contractor you think you can trust, only to realize too late that you made a big mistake. You already paid some money, and perhaps a portion of the work has even been started, but somewhere along the way, it becomes obvious that there is a problem. There may come a point where you realize the contractor you hired isn’t up to the task—or perhaps has disappeared completely.

Unfortunately, this is a scenario that happens all too often, even to property owners who try to be careful. It can often be difficult to determine whom you can trust, especially when so many unreliable contractors put on a good act, and can be very persuasive.

While encountering a situation when you have a disappointing experience with a contractor is never pleasant, it can be especially stressful and frustrating when the project involves your kitchen. Depending on how much of the work was started (or at least attempted), your kitchen may be left in a state that renders it unusable, forcing you to make other arrangements while you scramble to find someone who can fix the situation. In some cases, the current condition of the space may even present some safety hazards. This means it is a serious situation that will require immediate action, which may in turn increase the cost.

Obviously, this is something you want to strive to avoid at all costs. The good news is, there are some relatively simple steps you can take at the very start of the process that will greatly reduce your odds of being duped or disappointed by an unreliable contractor.

First, the most important thing you can do is conduct your own research. Verify a contractor’s credentials, and confirm any claims they make with regards to their qualifications. Take your time doing some detective work. This isn’t a process you should rush. And be leery of any contractor who tries to pressure you, or attempts to get you to agree to an immediate deal (particularly be cautious of any contractor who shows up on your property out of the blue).

You also want to ask around and get input from other locals. Word of mouth is one of the most reliable sources of accurate information when it comes to recommendations for local service providers. Check with friends and neighbors to see which contractors they have used, and ask them to share their honest feedback. If at all possible, try to arrange it so you can see a contractor’s work firsthand. It may even be helpful (if possible) to see one of their job sites, as this will give you some indication as to their work style, and can also clue you in as to how they will treat your property while work is being done.

Once you have done your research and have found a contractor that you can trust and with whom you feel confident, you want to arrange an initial meeting. This will provide you with an opportunity to see how they communicate. They should encourage you to share your opinions, and should respect your ideas.

If you want to move ahead with the project, the contractor should be able to provide you with a thorough written contract that spells out all of the important details of the project, particularly with regards to the budget and timeline. Read this document carefully, as this is your chance to bring up any questions or concerns you may have.

Investing some time and energy early in this process can help you avoid significant hassle and headaches later on, and may even spare you from the experience of getting burned by a kitchen remodeler.

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