Country Style Kitchen Design Ideas

old-style kitchenWhen planning a kitchen remodeling project, you have a nearly endless assortment of options from which to choose in figuring out a design plan and theme. You can go sleek and modern or opt for the opposite end of the spectrum with a traditional, classic approach. The color scheme can be bold and colorful or soft and muted—or anywhere in between.

One popular option is the country style design. Even within this general category, there is still a huge range of options. There is a lot of room for you to customize the look and add your own unique style. That is part of the fun, and is what will make the final result completely original and a representation of your individual personality.

There are some popular features that are frequently incorporated into a country theme for kitchens. These details can help you achieve the rustic or homey look and feel that you want to establish in that space.

Farmhouse staples like barrels and benches are a way to help set the stage. As a bonus, these items can also fulfill a practical purpose by serving as furniture or storage areas.

Traditional or antique cabinetry can also be one of the foundations of setting this scene. Natural wood is one of the most popular choices of materials for creating a country feel. It’s even better if it is old and weathered (or treated to look that way). Woven fabrics and other natural materials are great for accessorizing and adding color or visual interest.

For a little added feeling of fun, throw in some vintage or nostalgic items, such as old signs or general store décor accessories. Check out flea markets or antique stores to find good possibilities.

Old, antique looking metal made from materials like copper or brass fits in this design scheme well. It shouldn’t look too new or polished, though, so a few signs of age or some patina can help.

The decorating aspects play a big part in achieving the overall effect of a country design. A great upside is that a few carefully chosen elements can go a long way, and they don’t necessarily have to be pricey. In fact, when you’re aiming for the country look, inexpensive options often tend to be the most appropriate choice.

RW Remodeling can help you with a country style space or any other type of kitchen design ideas.

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