Trends in Scottsdale Kitchen Remodeling

Trends in Scottsdale Kitchen RemodelingKitchen remodeling projects are always high priorities on homeowners’ wish lists, and that continues to hold true today. This applies both for property owners who are hoping to sell in the near future and are making plans with an eye towards resale value, and also for those who plan to stay in their homes and want a comfortable or amazing new space that serves their families’ needs.

Regardless of the circumstances or the ultimate goal for the property, one major goal is to create a room that is fresh, new and impressive. That can be expressed in an unlimited number of ways, and will depend in large part on the style and tastes of the homeowner. However, there are some trends that will likely play an influence in at least some of the kitchen remodeling projects currently being considered by many property owners. Let’s consider some of the hot trends in kitchen remodeling right now:

Great rooms and open spaces. The trend in general with home design and remodeling these days is openness and group interaction. People no longer want to feel segmented or confined to small spaces that can feel isolating and that restrict conversation and entertaining. An open design allows for greater possibilities for entertaining and sharing occasions with large groups of people. This also encourages people to come together and interact, as oppose to separating and keeping to themselves in small clusters. Families can chat and discuss important topics even while the meal is being prepared. During social gatherings, open spaces also make it possible for people to flow in and out of conversations and connect with the largest number of people. From a design perspective, an open concept can make the space feel larger and brighter. Many people are abandoning the traditional, formal living room in favor of a combined kitchen and family room area.

Low-maintenance materials. These days, people want to spend time enjoying their homes and sharing good times with loved ones there—as opposed to cleaning and maintaining those spaces. Homeowners are favoring durable, low-maintenance materials that don’t need to be treated with care and constantly maintained or repaired. Especially in homes with children, people don’t want to have to be stressed out about every possible stain or spill. Fortunately, there are many affordable, low-maintenance options that can still provide the impressive (and often expensive) look that many people covet.

Technology as an essential element. It’s probably not surprising that technology has a prominent role in many kitchen remodel projects these days. Smart homes are increasingly common, and property owners want spaces that incorporate high-tech elements that provide greater convenience and enhance their living experience. Automated systems and gadgets that can be controlled remotely are high on many people’s wish lists. Efficiency and convenience are top priorities, as busy families want to be able to spend more time in their kitchens relaxing and enjoying family moments. Built-in docking stations and work areas that encourage productivity and allow people to stay connected are also popular features.

Clean and contemporary. From a style and design standpoint, clean continues to be in. Sleek, modern lines and uncluttered spaces appeal to today’s homeowner who wants something that has a feeling of sophistication. A lot of property owners also like the fact that this type of design can create the sense of luxury and expensive touches, even if the project was actually performed with a relatively modest budget. The clean and modern style also tends to nicely complement the high-tech touches that many homeowners are including in their new spaces. Even with modern and white/neutral design, though, low-maintenance options that are easy to keep clean and won’t get damaged are very popular with people who don’t want to be spending a lot of time fixing their kitchen spaces.

Eco-friendly features. Among the hottest selections in all types of home renovations today are features that reduce waste and protect the environment. Eco-friendly options ranging from water-saving faucets to energy efficient appliances are soaring in popularity. For many homeowners, “green” options are not just a nice extra, they’re an essential part of the design. Technological systems that help monitor, optimize and reduce energy and water usage are also increasingly common.

RW Remodeling are leaders in Scottsdale kitchen remodeling, and we can create the perfect new kitchen space for you—whether you want to embrace an emerging trend or go in a complete unique direction.

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