Kitchen Remodeling a Popular Retirement Plan

tchen Remodeling a Popular Retirement Plan A recent Merrill Lynch/Age Wave survey showed that many people’s retirement plans involve staying in the home they love, but perhaps with a few projects to spruce it up a bit.

The study’s findings showed that one-third of retirees plan to stay in their existing house throughout their retirement. Not surprisingly, that’s due in large part to the sentimental connection they have to the home. While the financial value of the home continues to be an important factor, the weight of the emotional value gradually becomes a more important priority as people get older.

While retirees may love their home, that doesn’t mean they are content to leave it exactly as it is, though. At this point in their lives, homeowners may have greater flexibility, plus more time and financial resources—which can make home renovation projects an attractive option.

The survey showed that 32 percent of retirees have renovated their homes by upgrading to a nicer kitchen. This makes sense, given that the kitchen is such a central part of a home from an emotional standpoint, the place where many important moments and special occasions are celebrated. (Creating a home office and improving curb appeal also topped the list.)

Homeowners contemplating any type of Phoenix kitchen remodeling project can count on RW Remodeling to create the kitchen of their dreams.

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