Home Renovation by Firefighters Gives Vet a New Start

home renovationA disabled veteran and his family will soon have a great new home, thanks to the generosity and hard work of local firefighters in their new town.

A group of firefighters in Spartanburg, South Carolina are volunteering their time, supplies and lots of elbow grease to remodel the home, a former foreclosure property that was donated by the bank. Among other repairs, the home needed some adjustments to allow for the veteran’s physical challenges.

The project is being coordinated by a nonprofit organization called Purple Heart Homes, which helps veterans who aren’t currently homeowners find a new home. The organization obtains donated homes and then recruits volunteers to help with any necessary repairs or adaptations to the property. Once the home is move-in ready, the veteran receives a mortgage for a percentage of the home’s value.

New Home for Navy Veteran

In this case, the soon-to-be homeowner veteran is Jimmie Lea, a Navy veteran who was wounded in Vietnam and suffers from knee and back injuries as well as other chronic illnesses. Lea and his wife Teresa currently live in Kansas but wanted to move to the East Coast. He specifically chose this home because he really likes the floor plan.

With limited income due to his medical issues, Lea would find it difficult to manage a traditional mortgage, so this subsidized mortgage program gives him a way to enjoy a home of his own—and offers him a second chance at a great new life in a warm-hearted community.

All three shifts of the Spartanburg City Fire Department are helping out, each with their own list of assigned projects. The firefighters said they were happy to help, and feel it’s the least they can do to thank Lea for his service to the country. They hope to have the work wrapped up in mid-September, at which point a housewarming party is planned to help welcome the Leas to the neighborhood.

Proud to Help Our Community

At RW Remodeling, we never underestimate the power of a home remodeling project. We have witnessed first-hand the amazing impact an Arizona home renovation can have—both on the homeowners as well as on volunteers who helped make the final results possible. We are proud to help with a variety of worthy projects and charitable organizations in the area.

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