Lots of Options for Outdoor Kitchens in Phoenix

 outdoor kitchensConsidering adding a new outdoor kitchen (or expanding an existing one)? You aren’t alone. Many property owners are taking advantage of the extra room and great climate of the great outdoors to create fun and functional spaces in their yard or elsewhere on the property.

Outdoor kitchens can run the gamut from formal to casual—and the design choices and functional elements tend to follow suit. So you can find everything from a nearly gourmet-level kitchen to a “kegerator.” The lifestyle and tastes of the homeowners will dictate in large part many of the choices. However, one common must-have outdoor kitchen element is a barbecue of some sort. Fire pits and water elements are also very popular options.

Safety is an important consideration, especially when it comes to areas with fire or cooking materials such as gas. You obviously want to arrange these areas so they aren’t close to trees or shrubs, or other flammable materials. (Keep in mind that your home’s windows may also be sensitive to extreme heat, so be sure to keep cooking areas a sufficient distance away.) Of course, you will want to check with your HOA or local municipality to find out about any regulations or codes specifically related to outdoor kitchens.

Convenience is also another important factor. If your outdoor space doesn’t have a fully self-sustained kitchen, you will probably be making frequent trips indoors to use the sink or some appliances, so choose the outdoor location and layout with that in mind.

RW Remodeling has created countless terrific outdoor kitchens in the Phoenix area for our clients and we’d love to give you the outdoor space of your dreams.

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