Transitional Style Popular for Kitchen Remodeling

6760846_sTransitional seems to be one of the hottest design buzzwords. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it entails—especially since people use it to mean different things—but basically it means sort of a blend between modern and traditional/classic styles.

This article describes a few traits that are often found in transitional kitchen styles:

A mix of material types. You will find natural and manufactured materials all used together—say, a mix of wood, steel and stone. The modern materials such as steel are often used to give a sleek, sophisticated look while the natural materials add warmth or an earthy feeling.

Neutral colors. This is generally one of the hallmarks of the transitional style. There may be some bright or bold accent colors in small portions, but the dominant color scheme is something based on neutral colors.

Simple, streamlined cabinets. The cabinetry in transitional kitchens will usually be basic and low-profile without a lot of fancy accents and detailing.

While the foundation of transitional design is the blend of old and new, that leaves a lot of room to add your own personal take on this design approach. This is a great opportunity to put a creative and unique spin on your design plan. We have created many transitional kitchens for clients and would love to help you come up with the perfect design for your unique kitchen remodel.

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