Clean and Simple a Popular Kitchen Remodeling Trend

kitchen remodelWhile everyone’s taste in kitchen design (and home design/décor in general) varies according to their individual tastes, some particular choices seem to surge in popularity at certain periods in time.

Right now, the hot trends in kitchen remodel projects include chef’s stoves and other high-end appliances, lots of stainless steel and simple, clean designs.

The Detroit Free Press notes, eco-friendly features are also a high priority for many homeowners, which isn’t really all that surprising given the overall trend of going green these days. It also seems like tile is now everywhere in kitchens. People are using it in backsplashes, on the floor and just about everywhere in between.

For countertops, granite continues to be the top choice but quartz is quickly gaining in popularity. And while islands are a hot choice, people are willing to forgo them in order to avoid sacrificing space or proper flow.

The bottom line: people seem to want kitchens that look great and have that wow factor—yet at the same time don’t require a lot of maintenance or have a fussy, cluttered look.

At RW Remodeling, we welcome your design ideas for your vision of the perfect kitchen remodel. Whether you want to go with classic choices or create a totally unique design all your own, we can put together a plan that incorporates all of your wants and needs—ensuring you get a kitchen that you will love.

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