Top 9 Things to Consider When Designing Your New Kitchen

Download our latest guide, “Top 9 Things to Consider When Designing Your New Kitchen” today!

Republic West Remodeling’s latest guide for homeowners is now available.  An amazing resource, this informative document is full of useful recommendations, explanations and more!

We created this guide so homeowners can enjoy their kitchen remodeling projects and not worry about what might go wrong.  By educating yourself, you’ll understand what needs to happen for your project to be successful.

The guide covers the following:

Step 1:  Think about Your Requirements

Step 2:  Plan Your Project

Step 3:  Determine the Dollars Needed

Step 4:  Find a Qualified Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Step 5:  Finalize the Contract

Step 6:  Design Your Kitchen Space

Step 7:  Prepare Final Design and Construction Documents

Step 8:  Survive the Construction Chaos

Step 9:  Head Down the Home Stretch!

By following the advice in the nine steps we’ve outlined, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a beautiful new kitchen!  Your project will deliver an end result just like you envisioned it, and within your budget and schedule parameters.

So claim your copy of “Top 9 Things to Consider When Designing Your New Kitchen” today!  Visit to download your guide now!

Scott Wallace Scott Wallace (757 Posts)

Scott Wallace has a passion for design and architecture. He founded Habitat Renovations as an offshoot of his two furniture store businesses, Thingz Contemporary Living and Boulevard Urban Living, with the goal of providing a broader range of design and construction services to his clientele. Scott and his wife Susie have been serving homeowners in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area for 15 years. Habitat Renovations merged with Republic West Remodeling in January of 2019.

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