Luxury Home Remodeling: Top Trends for Upscale Kitchens [VIDEO]

The “Fall 2012 Remodeling Sentiment Report” conducted by, highlights a growing trend in luxury home remodeling.  Record low interest rates and slowly recovering home prices contribute to homeowners’ desires to undergo high-end kitchen and bathroom remodeling.  An increasing number of homeowners are planning these major remodeling projects in the next few years.

Even if your budget isn’t unlimited, the report finds all homeowners are trending to luxury products in their remodeling projects.  The study concludes the remodeling industry will recover from the top down.  In other words, the use of higher-end products will grow disproportionately to standard or economy products.

Luxury Home Remodeling Trends for Kitchens

The following trends show what luxury home remodeling projects are being done in kitchens:

  • High-End Refrigerators.  New luxury models have become entrenched with technology features.  They can have TV screens, an electronic message center and other features to make them an information hub in the kitchen.  Also in luxury home remodeling, homeowners want their refrigerators to match their cabinets.  Therefore, custom panels are installed.
  • Wine Vaults.  In many high-end kitchen remodels, contractors are installing wine vaults with temperature controls, locks and touch-screen inventory controls.  The size of the wine vault in terms of how many bottles it can hold varies depending on homeowner preferences.

Watch our video below on luxury home remodeling and see the latest trends for upscale kitchens in Scottsdale.

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