Kitchen Remodeling in Phoenix with Granite

Granite countertops continue to increase in popularity for kitchen remodeling in Phoenix.  Although you may hear about people sometimes spending up to $5,000 on a granite countertop, other materials can actually be more expensive.  After making these comparisons, especially to concrete, homeowners often find granite countertops to be reasonably priced.

And, when you understand the process of getting a granite countertop to your kitchen remodeling in Phoenix, you’ll probably be more inclined to think you’re getting a good deal.  Big producers and exporters of granite around the world include Brazil, Argentina, India, Italy, South Africa and Zimbabwe.  Most homeowners don’t understand what it takes to get granite and may not realize how far the product has been shipped.

How Do Exporters Get to the Granite?

In Brazil, for example, the of the largest granite importers to the United States, blasting with dynamite was the process used to extract granite.  However, today expanding powder and water separates large slabs of rock without creating all the damage caused by blasting.

This extraction work is done at a quarry site.  The quarry then transports 30 ton blocks to a fabricator where they are sliced.  Using some of the world’s largest wet saws, the fabricator will cut the granite into three-quarter inch to one and one-half inch slabs.

After cutting the granite into slices, the fabricator polishes it on site to the smooth finish we see in homes and in home improvement stores.  Once polishing is completed, the fabricator trucks the granite slabs to a sea port and then they are shipped to a U.S. port.

A typical kitchen remodeling in Phoenix will require two slabs of granite.  Therefore, when the slabs are shipped, the ones coming from the same stone are kept together so they can provide the closest match.  However, variations will always occur as a natural by-product of granite.  This is what gives granite its charm and why it appeals to so many homeowners.

What Happens When Granite Shows Up at Your Kitchen Remodeling in Phoenix?

Before the granite is delivered on-site at your kitchen remodeling in Phoenix, the slabs most likely will have rough edges.  The rough edges allow homeowners to be able to select the edge style they want.  The contractor will then accommodate the chosen style by using computerized cutting for exact measurements.

Granite might also need sealing.  For example, lighter shades of granite are typically sealed.  Whether sealed or unsealed, all granite is extremely durable. It resists scratching and etching compared to other countertop materials.  It is this durability that makes granite a preferred choice for kitchen remodeling in Phoenix.

In fact, granite can withstand heat up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.  However, homeowners need to practice care when applying cleaning chemicals or food with acids, like lemons, to the granite countertop surface.  These chemicals can leave marks such as dull spots or rings.

A Cost-Effective Solution for Kitchen Remodeling in Phoenix

Because granite has become very popular and numerous suppliers exist today the pricing is coming more in line with concrete.  It’s interesting, however, to consider why granite is not incredibly more expensive than concrete, given the process it takes to get concrete to a kitchen remodeling in Phoenix.

And, consider how abundant concrete is versus how rare granite is.  But, with the laws of supply and demand, concrete prices will come down as they gain in popularity.  Even so, nothing can take away from the beauty of nature used in your kitchen remodeling in Phoenix.  And, that $5,000 or so for granite countertops begins to seem like a bargain after you understand the process and admire the masterpiece nature has created.

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