Thinking about a home renovation? Read this first

Thinking about a home renovation? Read this before you hire a contractor.

Your decision to remodel your home is significant because it requires both financial and emotional commitment. During the remodeling process, you will be in communication with designers, project managers, and contractors for an extended period. You’ll also accept a bit of inconvenience as your personal space becomes an active work zone. Hiring a great contractor will make the process as easy as possible and deliver the best results.

Reputable companies protect your finances because you will know what costs to expect after the project is done. You will also get guaranteed quality, which will add value to your home. Here are some considerations to make before hiring a home renovation contractor.

Are They Experienced?

Amateur contractors may come at a bargain, but unfinished jobs, uncertain timelines, and fluctuating invoices can bring homeowners more stress than the “discount” is worth. The stakes are even higher when there are other loved ones in the equation, such as small children and family pets.

Good contractors know how to protect the home during the demolition so that the air remains breathable — or they will inform you on when conditions are safe to return. They will also know how to treat your family with respect and care. For example, they should respect your time and work around a set schedule. A contracting service that can ensure a definite timeline, quality of results, and your dignity during the construction is worth the investment.

Republic West Remodeling offers a dream assurance plan to make sure that you receive the highest quality home renovation experience.

Check out Their Reviews

A great source for reviews is social media and online directories like Google Places, as well as testimonials on the website. Though you still have to pick through these comments and use common sense, you can get a good picture of what the performance level of the company is through the percentage of negative responses.

Do a “Casting Call”

Just like an employer rounds up the best resumes and does the first round of calls after you develop a list of potential contractors, it’s time to get to know the potential candidates better. Ask each company the same list of important questions.

Some sample questions are:

  • Do they have experience with the kind of project you need?
  • What is their process?
  • Can they provide references easily?
  • What’s their current workload, and can they fit you in within a reasonable timeline?
  • Are they licensed and insured?
  • Who are their subcontractors, and do they work in-house?

Questions that should get an automatic “veto” are ones concerning credentials. If the contractor doesn’t have a license or insurance, you need to protect yourself and move on. If a worker gets hurt at your home, you can be liable without this kind of protection. Another thing to look out for is clarity on costs. Are quotes fixed, or are they open to change? These issues about billing and timeframe are significant components to a customer’s satisfaction and should be verified before proceeding.

Narrow Down Your Search

When you narrow down your choices to two companies, it’s time to get serious. Can you do an in-person consultation? Can you get some hard quotes? Which ones guarantee a quote and which ones seem more lackadaisical on the issue of time and money? It’s easier to see red flags as you get to know an organization better. Is their office or showroom organized? How is the company morale? Do the staff, not just the owner, speak respectfully and have an air of professionalism? How are the subcontractors? Are they licensed and know how to work in someone’s home courteously? You should ultimately choose a contractor that you feel most comfortable with.

Kitchen Remodeling in Metro Phoenix

Republic West Remodeling and Habitat Renovations would love to be part of your next home remodeling project. We have experienced designers and contractors under one roof who specialize in different parts of the home. We also have the credentials, references, and level of professionalism that sets us apart from other home renovation contractors.

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