Modern and Southwestern Home Interior Design Ideas

People have access to a nearly endless supply of inspiration when they start exploring home interior design ideas. A simple search engine query for this can leave our clients baffled at the ongoing stream of trends, updates, and “what’s hot” this season. This makes it difficult to know what designs would work the best when sources are conflicting and new innovations in furniture continue to redefine home living.

But working with a professional interior designer eliminates the feeling of “missing out” when it comes to new furniture, paint, lighting, and decor. Republic West Remodeling has merged with Habitat Renovations earlier this year to boost the quality and reach of our interior design team. Not only do our clients get insights on home interior design¬†in one-on-one conversations, but they also have the peace of mind about getting the best counsel from pros who have worked directly in this field.

As our team works in Phoenix and the surrounding areas, our clients particularly seek modern and southwestern interior design ideas. Here are some pointers that we integrate into our consultations to help our clients pinpoint what they want in their final results:

Modern Design

Contemporary interior design is always on the cutting edge of the new and experimental while still leaning on a clean and minimalist aesthetic. Right now, modern tastes embrace these characteristics:

  • Bold: Modern design isn’t shy. Its furniture and statement pieces are unique, experimental, intelligent, and give pleasure to the eye. Modern designs weren’t meant to fade into the background and blend with the walls. Everything about a contemporary layout exudes confidence, boldness, and intentionality. Here you’ll see cool metals, clean neutrals, pop colors that burst into view, and enticing textures that are a feast for the eyes.
  • Innovative: In recent years, home automation has made smart light bulbs a mainstay in modern light fixtures. Dynamic lighting solutions like voice-command dimming shades are also becoming a more common sight in contemporary design. As we delve deeper into the digital age, integrations like these are only going to become more of a daily sight.
  • Open: Modern trends are all about knocking out walls and making bigger spaces. Compartmentalized homes are a thing of the past. Space-saving furniture that serves multiple functions are also products of this open-space revolution. The freedom that homeowners experience in an open space allows them to decorate without any physical barriers.
  • Uncluttered: Call it the “Kondo” effect, but modern aesthetics are leaning more than ever toward minimalism and tossing out items that don’t serve a purpose. A good interior designer will help you select decorations, furniture, and accents that both meet your interests and needs without cluttering up your home.

Southwestern Ideas

Our Arizona clients also often request desert home interior design ideas to compliment the unique character of their home. Here are a few of the elements our designers like to incorporate into a southwestern concept.

  • Rustic Chic: A traditional southwestern style embraces a unique “modern yet old” feel that is achieved using both contemporary and antique elements like reclaimed wood, textured metals, and materials like clay and stone. Modern elements like skylights and a granite countertop can also be used to enhance the results.
  • Bold Paint: It’s common to see bold interior paint colors like red, orange, yellow, gold, and blue, which reflect the aesthetics of desert design. This splash of fun color is often in contrast to the earthen and natural colors and textures you see elsewhere in the same room.
  • Wood Everywhere:¬†Nearly every southwestern design incorporates a variety of wood. These can involve strips of wood paneling on the ceiling, reclaimed wood floors, an antique dresser, a wooden rocking chair, and more.
  • Natural Textures and Elements: Designers also can select other materials from nature in the decorative process. Homeowners have enjoyed fur rugs, distressed pottery, warm colors, rough stucco textures on walls, and leather or suede upholstery. A great conversation piece in this kind of setup would be a Victorian armchair that has been reupholstered with leather or suede.

Home Interior Designers Near Me

Let the search for a convenient and complete interior design experience end here. Republic West Remodeling and Habitat Renovation’s combined team of expert interior designers are fully equipped to transform your home into a modern, inviting environment. To find out more about our services, call us for a free consultation today.

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