Exciting Home Renovation Ideas

Exciting Home Renovation Ideas for 2019

Does your beloved home need some improvements or updates? Do you want to increase the functionality of your home instead of going through the hassle of uprooting yourself and moving? Then remodeling your home is a sensible decision that can add many years of enjoyment to your current home.

The first part of the year is a great time to make a fresh start. If you want to make some changes to your home, give the experts at Republic West Remodeling a call. We have designers and contractors who are experienced in all areas of the home and all stages of the remodeling process. 

Whether you need a minor kitchen update or a home addition to make more space, our home renovation contractors can create the results that match your vision.

Here are some exciting home renovation ideas for 2019 that you can add to your list of “wants”!

Making More Space

Many homeowners slowly outgrow their home. The addition of children, pets, and other life changes can make a home that was once perfect feel cumbersome.  However, altering or expanding a cramped interior can make the home look and feel much better.

In fact, one of the most common desires of homeowners who live in older homes is an open and modern layout. Having an open kitchen-living combo or a wide-open space that unifies the whole first floor reflects 2019’s trends, which embrace free movement and the divergence from traditional room separations. This directly clashes with the closed out “compartmentalized” trends of the early 80s and 90s. 

On our customer stories page, we have quite a few clients who have knocked out walls and made their home look bigger. Lisa and Alan’s home had some of the most dramatic results we’ve seen, so much that the “after” photos don’t even look like the same house! Not only was there an outdated mint green paint throughout the home, but there was a bulky “bar” wall that interrupted the flow between the kitchen and the living room. 

After changing the color scheme, removing the wall, and updating the kitchen with new cabinetry, appliances, and an island, the results have caused many do to a double-take. It hardly resembles the outdated home in which the couple once felt reluctant to entertain.

Updating the Color Scheme

You don’t need to apply a hammer to a wall to make your home look like a new listing. For example, the Edwards family intentionally bought a condo in the Tempe area that needed some updates. They loved the location and knew that after altering its overall color scheme, it would become the ideal home for the next chapter of their life.

By just adjusting the interior paint, adding wallpaper, and making minor remodeling adjustments in the bathrooms, the condo went from looking dark and cramped to spacious and chic. See the before and after remodeling photos of their kitchen/dining area. It used to look smaller due to the grey paint. By updating the countertops and walls, this area was transformed into an open and inviting kitchen-dining combo.

The bathrooms used to have beige tiles throughout the floors and walls. While the tiles themselves were attractive, there can be too much of a good thing. Our designers were able to update this part of the home without spending too much of the Edwards’ budget. They simply took out half of the beige tiles and painted the walls white to match the rest of the home. Though it was a simple change, the results were quite dramatic.

It’s hard to believe that these photos are of the same part of the home! The updated lighting fixtures and modern color scheme truly made the condo what the Edwards wanted.

In a much shorter time than a full home remodel, the Edwards got their home renovated. Our contractors finished all the work according to the schedule on the master plan book that we gave them before the project began.

Home Renovation Contractors in Phoenix

Our team of talented designers and contractors has helped more than 17,000 clients bring their remodeling dreams to life. We also guarantee your satisfaction with our Dream Assurance Plan. This means that we will stick to the proposed budget and timeline with 100% transparency throughout the remodeling process.

If you need help reinventing your home to meet your current tastes and needs, then contact us for a free consultation. We would love to help you begin your own exciting home remodeling story!  

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