What Questions Should I Ask A Home Remodel Contractor?

Working with a home remodel contractor should not be as easy as knowing how much will be the total fee. As a homeowner, you should take great caution in who you’ll entrust your home to.

To do this, you need to have an idea of what questions to ask a home remodel contractor Phoenix. This is what we’re going to help you with in the next sections.

home remodel contractor Phoenix

Does the contractor have a license and insurance?

It’s important to know if a contractor is credible enough to remodel your home. You can easily know this by asking for a team’s license. Their insurance will also be beneficial to assure that you won’t go through any uncompensated damages.

Of course, a simple yes or no won’t suffice for this. The team needs to show any proof of their reliability.

What services are included in the contract?

Knowing the specific services involved in your contract with the team is also essential. This will help you determine if you will get the best value for your money or you’ll be overspending by working with them.

Along with this, you should also ask if the fee already includes the necessary tools and accessories for the remodeling process. This question will also lead to you knowing if the contractor will use your home’s existing tools.

Where should I reach out if I have questions or issues?

It will be hard to work with an unavailable team. If there are issues or simple inquiries regarding the ongoing remodeling, you need someone that you can readily contact.

Because of this, you should ask about the team’s contact person. If they don’t have one, or they say that they can’t be contacted outside of the project, then it’s up to you if you still want to work with them.

Can a previous client vouch for the contractor’s service?

References are important when working with a contractor. This is the only way that you can have an overview of the team’s skills and capabilities.

You can look for this yourself using the team’s website and reviews. Alternatively, you can ask the contractor team for their portfolio or just client feedback to back them up.

home remodel contractor Phoenix

How will the project go? Is there a schedule that will be followed?

Every home remodel contractor works differently than the other. Hence, it’s important to ask a team about how they usually complete a project.

Do they go by the client’s schedule? Do they formulate their own timeframe depending on their availability? On a side note, can the homeowner and contractor pitch in when creating the project schedule?

Does the contractor accept last-minute changes?

Asking if a contractor accepts last-minute changes is optional, but is still worth knowing if you’re an indecisive client. If the contractor agrees, then ask if there are additional fees or how the modification will go. If not, then ask about the maximum period on when they can accept additional requests.


Before working with a home remodel contractor Phoenix, make sure to ask the previous questions and gain positive answers. Doing so will ensure that you will be working with the right fit for your needs. Not only that, but you can also save more time and effort pre-remodeling.

To land on the best choice, ask different contractor teams and compare their answers with each other. If you want a recommendation, then we suggest checking out our offers at Republic West Remodeling.

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