Considering a Home Remodel? It’s Time to Think About Interior Design Too

If the prospect of a home remodel has crossed your mind, you likely have some meaningful changes to make in your home. Whether you need alterations to its functionality or to make some dramatic structural adjustments, it’s important to have a definitive plan.

The transformation process that happens during a remodel requires significant time, investment, and commitment. Along with a practical plan, an interior design concept completes the renovation. ¬†Interior designers finalize the renovation process by suggesting the furniture, decor, and lighting that compliment your home’s color scheme and mood.

If you’re considering a home remodel, you should choose a company that can bring your entire vision to completion. Republic West Remodeling has recently merged with Habitat Renovations to create a stronger and more comprehensive interior design and construction team. By working together, our professional interior designers have a wider reach in both large and small-scale interior design projects.

Here’s how home interior design and remodeling work together to give you the great results you want.

Interior Design with A Home Remodel

After the paint has dried and the basic structural elements are finalized, you’re left with an empty room that still has many possibilities. What’s going to go in it? Interior designers fulfill that final vision that homeowners have when they think about a home remodel.

Here are some of the wonderful things our pros do to make our clients happy with the final results:

1. Harmonize with the New Color Scheme

During the renovation process, homeowners often upgrade countertops, flooring, apply fresh paint, and make changes to details like crown molding, light fixtures, and more. There can also be structural changes to break down walls or make room for different styles of windows and doors. These elements often embody an updated color scheme that goes throughout the home. For example, a client can change their walls from beige to grey or white.

When there is a change in the color scheme, the original furniture and decor often need to be replaced. Not only does this give your home a fresh update, but it enhances the more permanent changes in your “big ticket” investments and allows you to update your home in more subtle ways. Sofas, ottomans, and accent pieces from Boulevard Urban Living offer fine examples of furniture and accessories that you can use to compliment your remodel.

2. Sets Up Organization and Storage Solutions

Part of a good interior design is having the ability to tuck away seasonal items and extra things you don’t use all the time. Insufficient storage is often an oversight of zealous home buyers who focus on making their dream home but skipping the necessity of storage. Interior designers can recommend elements that make your renovated home more organized.

For example, furniture can provide good storage solutions and make your home look bigger. Storage ottomans embody the spirit of contemporary furnishings for their dual purpose of storage and foot support. The Geo Storage Ottoman from Thingz Contemporary Living provides a beautiful and discreet storage area for occasionally used items like throws, board games, and more.

3. Versatile Furniture Arrangements

Modern furniture arrangements often serve multiple functions, unlike traditional furniture which has more singular purposes. Interior designers want to make the most of your home’s interior and will suggest creative solutions that are only limited by your imagination.

Take these Fiji Bunching Tables from Thingz, for example. These versatile cubes can be rearranged and detach to become separate side tables and reunite into different shapes to serve dynamic spatial needs. Another great piece is the Dean Ottoman Collection, which allows you to switch up their arrangements to suit different needs, from lounging solo to providing extra seating for guests.

Interior designers are familiar with different types of furniture arrangements that boost a home’s functionality and visual appeal. If your room needs a sense of flow and purpose, hear out their recommendations for furniture– you will be surprised what new innovations are coming out every year.

Interior Design and Home Remodeling in Phoenix

Interior designers know how to make everything look stunning after a home remodel. They can do even more when they work in-house with the home remodeling experts at Republic West Remodeling and Habitat Renovations.

When everyone involved in the remodeling process communicate with each other and keep each other updated on the project, interior designers will have ample information to guide them toward the right decor, lighting, furniture and accents that will make your final results shine.

Let the combined experience of Habitat Renovations and Republic West Remodeling’s staff design make your interior design and remodel¬†a comprehensive, one-stop-shop experience.

Talk to us today to schedule a free consultation to start the process of reinventing your home.

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