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Why Work with a Local Remodeling Company

The time has come to make some much-needed improvements to your home. But if you don’t know how to choose a remodeling contractor, you can end up with some bad apples before you find the real deal.

Common complaints are failures to call back, taking too long to get started or finish, lack of cleanliness, lack of courtesy, dishonest quotes, and other issues that cause clients to lose trust in their remodeler.

At Republic West Remodeling, we have observed these negative experiences and resolved to deliver a higher standard. The answer was to create the ultimate home remodeling process where the customer came first.

As a result, our team works together across different departments to make sure that all the pain points that customers deal with in remodeling won’t happen. So, next time you start to Google “local remodeling contractors near me“, consider Republic West Remodeling, which has served more than 17,000 clients in the Phoenix area and counting.

Republic West Remodeling: Guaranteed Professionalism

A fair number of our clients went through several contractors before finding Republic West Remodeling. Before working with us, they dealt with sluggish timelines, inaccurate quotes, inconsistent communication, or a general lack of professionalism. In fact, before finding us, the Edwards family went through 5 different contractors who either gave inaccurate quotes or failed to call them back in time.

Then, the family finally received a recommendation to contact us. They were thrilled with how our designers quickly got to work in making a design plan. Throughout the project, the Edwards were taken through our streamlined remodeling process. 

Because we have professionals specializing in different areas of the remodeling process, the family had an army of expertise on their side. Because our teams divide and conquer, nobody on the team was overloaded with too many distracting details. As a result, their project was completed on schedule, delivering results that matched the family’s list of 25 requirements.

The Republic West Remodeling Process

After hearing so many stories about unhappy clients from other remodeling experiences, Republic West Remodeling decided to create a solid system, called the Dream Assurance Plan, in which nothing fell through the cracks. Everything deserved transparency: from the initial design proposals to the prices quoted on the invoice. Here is our remodeling process.  

1: A Client Advocate Dedicated to Your Project

The first credo of our process involves keeping our customers fully informed about what is going to happen. Not only do we give our clients a master plan book that contains a strict timeline and 3-D renderings of the project, but we also personally tell them what is going to happen next. 

We also have specialized teams that help our clients in the different stages of the remodeling project. We have a designer, a project manager, contractors, and other trade professionals who take turns working with our clients to deliver the best results. Coordinated through the project manager, your client advocate, every relevant team stays in constant communication with each other for maximum organization throughout the project. 

2: Timeline Assurance

One of the biggest complaints that remodeling clients have toward their contractors is the uncertain timeline. A project that was supposed to be completed in a couple of weeks drags on for months, interrupting their lives longer than they expected. Or, the project may not start on time. 

We believe that it’s vital to respect our clients’ time. Staying on schedule according to the plan book is integral to our professionalism and dedication to giving the best remodeling services in the area.

3: Cost Assurance

Another inconsistency that many jaded clients face is a quote that is too low or too high. Low quotes often gain “add-on” surprises at the end, and they are initially used to bait the client. Another problem is a contractor who tries to swindle their customers with a price that is too high to make the project worthwhile.

At Republic West Remodeling, we itemize every expense on an invoice so you can see exactly what costs what amount. You are also free to adjust how much of your budget you want to use on certain parts of your home. 

For example, the Edwards wanted to “major” on their home’s overall color scheme but spend a minimal amount on their bathrooms. We made it work, delivering stunning results that stayed true to the budget we proposed… which wasn’t too high or too low, but simply realistic and honest.

4: Quality Assurance

Having the right timeline and budget means nothing if the results aren’t what our clients expect. We promise to use only the best materials for your budget so that you are 100% satisfied with the results. Our skilled workers will install everything correctly and expertly for added assurance that your investment lasts for many years.

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