Home Remodeling Makeovers in Scottsdale

Home Remodeling Makeovers in Scottsdale

It’s rare that people buy a home that doesn’t fit their needs and interests at the time of purchase. However, as time goes on, situations may change, which can cause the once perfect home to feel cramped, outdated, and in desperate need for a designer’s touch. This is exactly what happened to Lisa and Alan, who ended up being among the 17,000 happy clients that Republic West Remodeling has helped.

Just like we did for Lisa and Alan, our specialists can look at your home and give you expert advice on what you can alter and make it the perfect place to live once more. Here is the couple’s Scottsdale home remodeling story for inspiration. After all, who doesn’t like a good before and after story?

From Outmoded to Outstanding: Lisa and Alan’s Remodeling Makeover Story

One of the most dramatic updates we ever did happened in Lisa and Alan’s family home. The couple had raised their children and several pets for years in close quarters. When they bought their home, partitions were common. However, after the kids left the house, Lisa & Alan desired to fix the cramped feeling that started to grow as they stayed in their home.

They didn’t want to buy a new house and move out of the neighborhood they loved. By renovating, Lisa and Alan were able to keep their family home and didn’t have to uproot the years they have spent together under the same roof.

Here are some of the before pictures:

RWR Before1

RWR Before2

RWR Before3


And here are some after pictures:

As you can see, the 80’s closed-off kitchen and bar interrupted what could be an open space. Instead of having detached rooms that didn’t function well, Lisa & Alan dreamed of a modern, open layout where they and their guests could move about freely. Also, the couple wanted to be rid of the mint green paint and to fully update their kitchen to 21st century standards. Here’s what happened:

home remodeling makeovers

It’s hard to believe that this is the same house, but it is! The separate kitchen and living room became a delightful kitchen-living combo that the couple now felt confident to entertain in. In addition, changing out the cabinetry to new Cherrywood panels complimented the new granite countertops and stone tile flooring. The new light fixtures worked together with natural light from the windows to brighten up the home, which also made it look bigger.

They also got our team to update the family room with fresh paint, flooring, and decor:

home remodeling makeovers

Now that the mint paint was out of the picture, the entire home took on a unified neutral color scheme. The gloomy dark and cramped feeling vanished. Such color schemes work well with a variety of furniture and interior decorating choices, which made neutrals a good flooring/paint combination. Instead of focusing on fads, the couple looked toward long-term appeal and room to grow.

Lisa and Alan used to be reluctant to invite people over, but now they host friends with confidence.

Home Remodeling Makeovers in Scottsdale

It may seem like you have outgrown your home, but sometimes it can be saved with a bit of innovation and elbow grease. If you love where you live and what to remodel your home instead of buying a new one, let our expert home remodelers at Republic West Remodeling guide you through the process.

We also offer you peace of mind in every aspect of the project.

  • Cost Certainty: We love surprises, but not when it comes at the end of an invoice. For this reason, we promise that the price we quote in the contract is the one we will stick with. We won’t make any sneaky changes either but will consult you if anything arises mid-project that would affect the cost.
  • Timeline Certainty: We’re professionals, which means that we plan to stand by our promises. This includes the timeline we propose during the planning phase. Therefore, we pledge not to keep our contractors in your home long after they are supposed to be finished.
  • Quality Certainty: We only use the best materials for our projects because our customers’ happiness comes first!

For more information about getting a Scottsdale home remodel, please check out our remodeling process.

At Republic West Remodeling, we want to make your home a beautiful and inviting place to be. To get your home remodeling project started, contact us for a complimentary consultation today!

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