Recommended Home Remodeling Projects for the Holidays

home remodeling for the holidaysCan you believe that it’s already October? Although your neighbors may be decorating their yards with ghosts and spiderwebs, there are hints of cornucopias, turkeys, and tinsel making their way into stores around you.

These are all signs that the holiday season is approaching. If you’re hosting festivities at your home this year, it’s time to get prepared. Now is the time to remodel parts of your home before holiday guests arrive. In addition, starting a home remodeling project before things get busy in the coming weeks allows you to accomplish ambitious goals without feeling the stress of a time crunch.

Favorite Home Remodeling Projects

If you’ve been searching, “what can I do to remodel my home for guests?” then check out these favored remodeling projects:

  • A New Kitchen.  Central to family gatherings is the food. Preparing a big meal in a kitchen that is outdated and inefficient can turn a joyous occasion into a stressful one. If you’re not happy with your kitchen, this is a great time to trade out old appliances, replace your countertops, flooring, sink, add backsplashes, or knock out a wall to open space for a bar or island. If you need help with ideas, our expert kitchen designer can offer you plenty of ideas. We’ll expand the storage and entertaining capacity of your kitchen area to make it modern, functional, and an enjoyable place to be.
  • An Updated Guest Bedroom. Guests staying for an extended period need more than just a pull-out couch in the living room. They thrive in a private space where they can decompress, rest, and recharge. You may have an unoccupied room that can be transformed into a warm and inviting guest suite. A talented designer can help you achieve this goal. Take care of every detail from the walls, furniture, storage, and fixtures to turn a drab spare room into a hospitable, charming and comfortable space.
  • Bathroom Renovations. Whether you have an attached guest bathroom or some hallway bathrooms that need an update, professional bathroom remodelers can bring out the most in them. A proper renovation may involve updating fixtures, sinks, vanities, faucets, shower heads, walls, trim, storage areas, flooring, and more. An updated bathroom isn’t just a must for a comfortable guest experience, but it’s essential for their safety and well-being too. Slippery floors or damaged showers pose a safety threat that our remodelers can remedy and add your own personal style to the finished product.
  • A New Office. In a digital age where many people take their work with them, you may need a private space to work without distractions. If your current home office isn’t highly functional, transform it into a peaceful and productive environment such as knocking out a wall for more space to get organized or adding a larger window to let in more natural light to promote higher productivity and focus.
  • A Great Looking Garage. Though this area of the home can escape your guests’ notice, long-term visitors will inevitably step in this space to grab a soda from the spare fridge or to access another part of your home. Redesigning the garage’s layout and storage area will keep it organized so that your guests see nothing but continuity in your home’s sense of order.

These are the most common areas of the home that your guests will depend on for a comfortable stay. Consider their needs, such as comfort and privacy, as you craft a plan.

Home Remodeling with Republic West Remodeling

These examples are just a springboard to inspire some great home remodel ideas. Your home has its own unique potential that our designers’ talented eyes can draw out. Our renovation services come with our Dream Assurance Plan.

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