Top Considerations for Custom Home Construction Interior Design

Top Considerations for Custom Home Construction Interior Design

Designing a new home can be a challenging experience. Instead of working with an existing structure, you are creating a design and structure from the ground up. To make matters even more complicated, working with a blank canvas can be more difficult than having a few possibilities with an older home.  In fact, scientific studies reveal that having too many options is daunting and can overload the mind, making the selection process harder.

This is why when you’re working with a custom home construction and interior design, you need to work with professionals who can guide you toward some good decisions. The combined wisdom of Habitat Renovations and Republic West Remodeling offers our clients expert eyes on achieving the perfect interior design for new construction.

Our design pros have extensive experience in proposing and drafting plans that clients can easily understand.

Based on experience with more than 17,000 projects across the Valley, here are our top considerations for choosing a new construction interior design:

1. Focus on Functionality

Looks are great, but how a room functions has a lot to do with its ultimate value. For example, those distressed southwestern cabinets look great, but how often would you use them if you place them too high in your kitchen? Are you willing to keep a stool nearby? Will those columns you have in mind interrupt your great room’s flow? These are the kind of questions you should ask yourself before solidifying a plan.

You’re going to live in this new home, so the placement of cabinetry, countertops, shelving, lighting, and TV mounts need to make sense with your lifestyle and the design aesthetic you want.

2. Prioritize Your Spending

Most construction and design budgets are finite, so you need to invest in the components that mean the most to you. If you love bath time and you want to make it an amazing spa experience, then tell your contractors to spare no expense to include the top of the line items, like steam rooms, dual sinks, and a jet tub. You can then balance your budget by spending less on rooms that don’t require as much attention, like the garage or laundry room, where you may just need a few utilitarian shelves, utility hookups, and basic lighting.

When it comes to spending, many homeowners make furniture a priority for their new home’s interior design. Fresh, contemporary sofas and storage ottomans from stores like Scottsdale’s  Boulevard Urban Living are comfortable and visually appealing items that make a home look impressive. There’s simply no substitute for high-quality pieces. For this reason, our designers are keen on selecting the right furniture for our clients during the interior design process.

3. Balance Timelessness with Personal Taste

New homes can easily take on fads that look outmoded in a few years. It’s tempting to fashion your new construction with edgy, experimental elements, but if you’re going for longevity, opt for some timeless designs in your “big ticket” pieces like counters, cabinetry, and flooring.

For example, light fixtures aren’t difficult to replace, so opting for a bold chandelier is something you can easily switch out later if your preferences change (p.s. you can find some great lighting elements at Thingz Contemporary Living).  The same concept applies to drawer handles, appliances, and paint. These designs can easily change while it’d take more time, cost and elbow grease to replace a countertop, flooring tiles, or indoor trim.

We offer this consideration to save you time and money in future renovations. It’s much easier to make slight alterations to key pieces than to do complete interior design because you once thought that “glass everything” was a good idea.

Hiring a new home construction interior designer will help you avoid pitfalls like these and help you find balance in your final results.

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These interior design ideas for home construction are just a few suggestions from our team. In truth, there are far more components that go into an excellent interior design that can only be explained in-depth during a one-on-one conversation.

Let the combined experience of Republic West Remodeling and Habitat Renovation’s designers create the perfect look for your new home.

Arrange a free consultation with us today to find out just how we can bring out the best in your new construction.

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