Need More Space? Get A Home Addition!

Bumping elbows in the kitchen or forcing an office to serve double, or even triple duty as a storage room and guest suite may mean it’s just time for more space in your home.

Your home didn’t start this way. Once upon a time, it was the perfect size to meet your needs. But over the years, you gained a few more people or developed a rewarding hobby that required extra room that you just don’t have.

While modular furniture and creative storage solutions can help, there comes a time when you simply need an extra room in the house. At Republic West Remodeling, we can customize amazing home additions that will make you breathe easy again. So, what do you want to build? Now’s a great time to make some changes!

The Value of Home Additions

Adding finished square footage to a house can pay off in the long run. According to the National Association of Realtors, homeowners typically raise their home value by 3.3% for every 1,000 finished square feet added. Whether you want to convert an unfinished basement into a finished space or create a new guest suite on the first floor, our team can help you.

Our in-house designers, managers, and contractors have many years of experience in creating home additions that fulfill our clients’ changing lifestyle needs. These home additions helped people gain more years of enjoyment out of their home. It also spared the hassle of buying a new home and leaving their favorite neighborhood.

Having an extra bedroom on hand frees the burden on any room that has been serving double-duty as a guest suite. Having rooms with cluttered sports equipment and seasonal items is stressful. Adding a room or two can simplify your life and bring order to your home once again.

Guest Suite Additions

Having an extra guest suite also makes it easier than ever to host overnight guests because you have a room already set up. You no longer have to force your kids to give up a room or sleep on the couch yourself. When this room is not being used by guests, you can use it as a quiet reading nook or office as well.

These rooms don’t have to be limited to bedrooms or offices. We can build out an additional den or game room with creative modular furniture like an inline murphy bed that serves as a couch and a fold-down bed. This kind of space enables homeowners to enjoy more of their home all year while still having the option of accommodating guests on occasion.

Master Bedroom Additions

As the king or queen of your castle, you want your exclusive retreat to be the best. Maybe your current master bedroom isn’t working for you the way it used to.

Maybe you want a sitting area, awesome walk-in closet, and a much larger bathroom for two. A master suite addition may be just what your home needs to feel like your dream home. Ask us how we have helped our past clients make a regal master suite that fulfilled their dreams.

So, instead of putting your current home on the market and leaving the area you love, renovate your home and make it brand new again.

Think Beyond Bedrooms

Home additions don’t just have to be extensions to the ground floor. If local ordinances and your home’s structure permits, you can add another floor to your home. This type of addition has a 65% ROI according to HomeAdvisor.

We can extend your living space by building you a deck or patio that will make entertaining outdoors part of your year-round activities. If your kitchen needs more space, we can move walls or create an extension onto your house to make it the spacious cooking and congregating area your family deserves.

Home Additions in Scottsdale & Phoenix

Make your beloved home feel like new with a home addition. Whether you need a guest suite or additional floor – we have the talent and experience to deliver. Let our in-house team of home renovation professionals collaborate with you throughout the remodeling process and bring your dreams to life.

For the home of your dreams, contact Republic West Remodeling for a free consultation.

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