Five Considerations for Your New Home Addition

home additionsBuilding a new home addition is an exciting and considerable undertaking. The best home additions are carefully planned and not rushed; an impulsive decision can result in extra costs and no added value.

Often, the goal of a home addition is to solve a challenge or to make the home function more efficient. Are you thinking about creating a new home office, an in-law suite, a family room, a kitchen, or a master suite? There are many things to consider before forging ahead with your project.

For starters, ask yourself why you want to build a new home addition. Believe it or not, some homeowners do not even consider the answer to this question before signing on the dotted line.

Ask yourself why you want to build the addition. Getting clear about whether you want it for utility, convenience, luxury or home value, will help define the vision of what you want.

Here are four considerations to contemplate before moving forward with a new home addition:

  1. How Will You Use the New Space?

Evaluate your family’s needs and truly think about how a new home addition can fulfill them. For example, are you building a new home addition to accommodate your ever-growing family? Do you need more space to work from home? Or, do you only want to add to the square footage to create additional space for entertaining family and friends?

  1. What Are the Legal Considerations?

It is important to confirm if you can legally build your home addition. Zoning laws vary widely depending on your intended use and your geographic location. In many cases, the process is easy. However, it pays to do your homework in advance of any plans you make.

  1. How Much Room Is Available for Your Addition?

One common area of confusion is the assumption that the available land is “buildable.” However, this is not always the case. For instance, you may not be able to build if there are critical home systems beneath your intended space. This type of situation can include everything from power cables, sewer, the grade of the land, drainage and several other factors that may hinder your ability to build on areas of your property. Keep in mind, in many cases; you can overcome these obstacles with the right engineering approach.

  1. Consider the Building Materials

Depending on when your home was built, creating a seamless exterior match may be a challenge. Always consider the building style of your home with an addition. For instance, if your home has a Victorian flair, a contemporary addition may create an aesthetic conflict. Conduct research as to which styles and details work well together. A professional designer or architect can help you with these issues.

New Home Additions in Phoenix

If you love most things about your current property and want to stay in that location, yet it does not quite fit your current needs, a home addition may be the answer. When it comes to additions, there is virtually an endless range of options.

At Republic West Remodeling, we have been exceeding our clients’ expectations with our home additions (and other home remodeling projects) since 1995 because we have always been honest and up front. We do everything we can to minimize disruption in your home and your life.

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