What to Consider Before Adding On To Your Home

Planning A Home AdditionIt is a question that crosses the minds of some homeowners who would like to move, yet lack the will to pack everything up: Should I consider a home addition?

However, adding or expanding a room addition is not always easier than moving. After all, there are contractors to hire, big decisions to make and a good amount of money to spend. There is also the physical aspect: realizing that a portion of your house will be filled with dust, nails and other building materials.

So if you have been thinking about a home addition, here’s what you should consider before forging ahead:

How much will you spend?

The cost of a home addition varies greatly depending on the type of room, the size of the space and what part of the country you live.

Here’s one way to generally ballpark the overall cost, according to some professionals: between $200 to $600 per square foot. And, remember, the more you build, the less it costs per square foot.

While most homeowners pay for additions by refinancing their home some lenders offer construction loans based on the future value of the property after the improvements have been made.

Keep in mind, your homeowners insurance will likely go up. So be sure to contact your insurer before you begin building.

Also, if you have a homeowners association governing what you can do to your home, be sure to give them a heads up to avoid penalties or fees.

Is there a way to keep costs down?

For starters, homeowners who add a room in the basement, for example, can save anywhere from 25 to 50 percent of the cost of adding a room to the first or second floor of a home.

You might also think about adding a room outside your house – maybe a home office or stand-alone guest room and/or pool room in the backyard.

What inconveniences should I prepare for?

Adding a room can be a stressful (and noisy) experience, and you should plan for any contingency. For instance, if your are expanding your kitchen, consider how you will prepare meals or if you’ll be eating out a lot. You may also want to board your pets if the construction noise is too loud.

Finally, keep in mind that this should not be the time to be shy and simply hope the inconveniences are not too much of an issue. Rather, if have any concerns about these types of issues, always ask your remodeler what they will be doing to keep you and your family “up and running” before signing your name on the dotted line.

If you love most things about your current property and want to stay in that location, but it doesn’t quite fit your current household needs, a room addition may be the answer. Republic West Remodeling is here to provide you with your home addition costs today. Give us a call!

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