Preparing for a Disaster: Is Your Home Ready?

Water DamageHome mitigation is the act of preparing for disaster. No home is completely safe from potential danger, but the right professional can boost your chances of surviving a disaster with as little damage to your home as possible.

There are really just a few basic steps to mitigating a home, but they do require help from an experienced professional. So, as a homeowner, where should you start?

  • First, the risks within your home should be assessed and estimated before they occur.
  • Next, a professional can suggest the right contractors or team members to help do the work that can help reduce these risks. How is this accomplished? By following strict construction regulations that are designed to reduce threats to home owners.
  • Once the home is properly prepped for disaster, then the final stage of mitigation can take place. This is where insurance enters the picture. In fact, an appropriate insurance policy can actually save you a tremendous amount of money if something were to happen to your home. Where you live, down to the plot of land your home is situated upon, will play a serious role in the type of insurance policy that you obtain.

Water Damage and Mold

One of the biggest threats to a home is flood water. Floods cause more damage than any other natural disaster. However, floods are not always from a natural source.

In many cases, faulty plumbing can create flood water that can wreak havoc on a home. And when flood water is not removed properly, it can quickly become stagnant in hard to reach areas. Furthermore, stagnant water can inevitably lead to mold, producing spores that can endanger a home’s occupants. Mold spores can enter the air through an HVAC unit and spread invisibly.

Apart from health risks, water damage can also spread, destroying the structure of a home. To resolve this issue, mold and stagnant water must be completely removed in order to prevent further damage.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

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