Endless Possibilities for Home Additions in Phoenix

It’s a big decision – you’ve decided to add on to your home. However, before tackling all of the details, it’s important to educate yourself about what’s possible with an addition.

In short, there are several basic design options for home additions in Phoenix:

  1. First, there’s outside structure additions, which includes adding rooms like porches and sunrooms, serving to connect a home to the outdoors and provide extra living space in nice weather. These popular additions can be open, screened in or even glassed in.
  2. If you are looking for a smaller-scale addition that adds just a little more room to the interior of your home and more dimension to your exterior, then you may want to consider a “bump-out.” A bump out can loosen up a crowded room and literally transform a flat wall into one of architectural appeal. Bump-outs are typically created by extending a wall by just a couple of feet. While the space gain is not very significant, the outcome can be powerful.
  3. Whether it’s a family room, mudroom or master suite, single room additions tend to comprise of a standard-sized room, and give you the opportunity to finally have that new room you’ve always wanted.
  4. Wing additions are a good solution if you need more than a single room addition.
  5. Second story additions are good options for homeowners who want to expand their space but have small lots. In these situations, building up is usually the best alternative. Before building up, it’s important to check with your city or town’s zoning and planning offices to ensure your addition doesn’t violate any height rules. Additionally, you should consult with an architect to make sure your walls and foundation can support the addition.
  6. Two-story additions can be a creative solution to additional space needs. For example, a tower can be attached directly to the house, or a two-story addition can be built separately and attached by walkways or corridors on each level. 

Whether it’s a small change, a second story addition or a total home remodel, Republic West Remodeling is here to help with home additions in Phoenix and surrounding areas. We’ll work with you to create the look and feel you are striving for, while still keeping within your personal budget.

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