Best Bathroom Remodeling Designs in Scottsdale

Best Bathroom Remodeling Designs in Scottsdale

It is difficult to live in a home that has an outdated bathroom. If your bathrooms feel cramped, short of efficient storage, or simply doesn’t function well, they need to be reinvented. However, it can be difficult to imagine what your bathroom could look like when you see it in its regular state daily.

When you get a professional’s perspective about your bathroom’s potential, you’ll be introduced to a vast world of creative design and modern innovations. Not only will you be happier with a more functional bathroom, but a remodel can also increase your home’s value, especially if you add a bathroom.

Whether you are certain you want Scottsdale bathroom remodeling or you simply are entertaining the idea of a remodel project, here are some of our best examples of projects we have done in the past in the Scottsdale area.

Jess & Shawn’s Additional Bathroom & Renovations

With another baby on a way and a curious toddler to care for, Jess and Shawn needed to expand their home and make it more functional. They quickly met with our Arthur Gambino, who advised them about the total home remodel that they wanted. The plans included adding another bathroom and updating their existing bathrooms to be more functional and attractive.

By working with Arthur, the couple was able to reinvent their bathrooms with the rest of their home. This resulted in a sleek, modern, and convenient layout that worked for their growing family and entertaining goals.

With the help of Republic West Remodeling, they were able to select the tiles, lighting, finishes, and granite that suited their taste and fulfilled their bathroom renovation dreams. The couple also depended on the guidance of Kathy Molnar, an Interior Designer with Republic West, who was extremely helpful during the selection of their home’s design.

Rwr Bathroom Remodeling

Their new bathrooms included fresh granite countertops, soft contemporary lighting, textured stone backsplashes, and a warm color scheme inspired by natural materials and textures. The photo included shows one of their bathrooms that has a new stone bowl sink placed on a rustic wood base, while a matte iron faucet makes a surprise appearance through the mirror– a fashionable surprise to guests.

Sue and Harry’s Bathroom

Sue and Harry wanted a total home remodel, noting that the entire house, including the bathrooms, had not been updated since it was built. After their consultation, the couple decided to add another bathroom and renovate the existing ones as well.

They received the expert attention of Kathy, who oversaw interior design. Kathy directed them to a soft and neutral color scheme that was also bright, cheerful, and elegant.

Additional Bathroom & Renovations

They decided on a masterful blend of grey on white, using granite countertops, slate flooring, and marble backsplashes with hints of grey. This provided a blank canvas for pop colors such as lavender that the homeowners could switch out as their tastes changed.

The overall outcome for both bathroom remodeling projects were bathrooms that felt warm, inviting, and incredibility sophisticated. Outdated bathrooms became functional places that were a delight to be in, providing the ultimate restorative experience for the homeowners and their guests alike.

Bathroom Remodeling in Scottsdale

Creating a new bathroom from an old, outdated one can be challenging when you try to take on the task yourself. However, the experienced bathroom remodelers at Republic West Remodeling can provide you with expert tips and design ideas that will bring your interior design to the next level.

When you work with our team, you can be sure that we will listen, focus on your experience and deliver a result that will delight you.

For more information about bathroom remodeling Scottsdale residents have been delighted with, please consult our remodeling process.

At Republic West Remodeling, we want to revitalize your bathrooms and make your home look beautiful. To get your bathroom remodeling project started, contact us for a free consultation today!

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