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Bathrooms are unique spaces in the house. While they are private spaces, they’re still high-traffic rooms. This means that when remodeling a bathroom, you need to focus on the individual experience, which requires more careful attention to detail. Overall, you should focus on organization, functionality, convenience, and safety.

Whether your main bathroom just needs a few touch-ups, or all of your bathrooms need to be transformed completely, our Phoenix bathroom remodeling contractors can help you achieve your goals. For inspiration, here some bathroom remodeling pictures from our gallery.

Growing Old Together: Gold Canyon’s Bathrooms

Ingrid and her husband became increasingly aware that their bathrooms weren’t going to meet their needs as they got older. They required wider doorways, higher toilets, night lights, grab bars, and other features to make living with limited mobility easier. In fact, getting these upgrades was crucial to maintain their independence. Our designers and remodelers were happy to make sure that they got the best results.

Both the half bathroom and master bathroom got fresh paint, gorgeous dark wooden cabinetry, countertops, and the safety adjustments needed to make sure they could use these spaces independently. The gorgeous granite countertops and earthen hues of the stone flooring also harmonized well together.

After the renovations were complete, both Ingrid and her husband were delighted that they could stay in the home they loved as they grew old together.

Kyle & Pam’s Minor Bathroom Remodel

Kyle and Pam decided to do a total home remodel. On their list of goals, they wanted to “refresh” their bathrooms to give them a modern feel. By updating their outdated bathrooms, they extended the bathroom’s use for many years.

During the remodeling process, their contractors from Republic West Remodeling stuck to the proposed timeline and had the bathroom touch ups completed by the expected time. The results were outstanding.

The 3/4 bathroom was given a modern a standing shower enclosed with glass to seamlessly blend with the natural color scheme. This bathroom also was given two spacious countertop spaces for ample storage and self-care. Meanwhile, the full bathroom was also given a glass standing shower in addition to a gorgeous tub surrounded with granite sides.

Both bathrooms were decorated with stone tile backsplashes of neutral, earthen colors that complimented the various brown hues of the granite counters. Our contractors also installed new wood-framed mirrors to match the same grain and stain on the cabinets. The bathrooms also became bright and cheerful with the help of natural light from privacy glass windows that didn’t require any curtains or blinds.

Chuck and Robin’s Gutted Out Bathroom “Right Down to the Studs”

Bold visions came to life in Chuck and Robin’s total master bathroom makeover. Our contractors literally gutted this bathroom “right down to the studs” and started from scratch. Both Chuck and Robin wanted a reinvented space with no vestiges of the outdated design that preceded it. Here’s what our contractors accomplished:

  • Installed a large walk-in shower.
  • New separate sinks and styling areas.
  • Installed an “appliance garage” to store hair styling products neatly and safely.
  • Removed a non-functional wrap-around soffit that simply took up space.

The couple was thrilled that their bathroom looked much bigger than before and now functioned the way the wanted it to. This is just one case in which starting from scratch is extremely helpful.

Bathroom Remodeling in Phoenix

With the help of Republic West Remodeling, you can make the most of these vital spaces of the home. We can offer you the bathroom remodeling in Phoenix that residents need to optimize your living experience. When you work with us, we offer you peace of mind in three areas:

  • Cost Certainty: The price we quote is the one you can expect to pay. If there is any additional cost to the price, we gave you initially, we will discuss the changes with you before we make any alterations to the plan.
  • Timeline Certainty: If we say we’re going to be finished by a set date, you can count on it. No endless bathroom remodeling nightmare stories here!
  • Quality Certainty: Our designers are keen on choosing only the best materials that ensure your remodel is top-quality and long-lasting.

For more information on how we work with you, please see our remodeling process.

At Republic West Remodeling, we want to make your new bathroom dream a reality. To get your project started, contact us today!

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