When Should You Renovate Your Bathroom?

Phoenix Bathroom Remodeling Republic West Remodeling 071We get it: renovating any room in your home can be a massive undertaking, especially the bathroom.

January is always a great time to start fresh and make plans for the coming year. And while a renovation can essentially take place any time of year, strategically creating plans during specific months can help make your renovation project more efficient, and oftentimes, more affordable.

Plan Well, But Pace Yourself

When first considering hiring bathroom remodeling contractors, it’s important to realize the process can take some time. Developing design plans, deciding on a contractor and ordering the type of products you want can take weeks, or even months. The key is to find a contractor for a consultation and come up with a design plan early in the year.

At Republic West Remodeling, we believe one of the best times to schedule a renovation in Arizona is mid-winter or early spring as the weather tends to be more ideal (not too hot).

What About Purchasing Products?

Buying items for your bathroom renovation is best done early in the year. Nationwide, fall is a busy time for contractors, so the earlier part of the calendar year can be the best time to get products at more affordable prices. Furthermore, showrooms often hold end-of-winter sales, which can further help you find discounts on some really amazing bathroom-related pieces or accessories.

Understand Supply and Demand

This principle of supply and demand can help you understand how much people typically pay for items. For example, the day after Christmas is typically a good day to pick up holiday-related decorations for next year. The same can be said for home renovation items.

Another example can be seen in the flooring arena. Flooring is often impacted by the price of oil (for shipping and production). During the winter months, the cost of crude oil is cheaper so you may want to purchase your bathroom flooring during this time frame. It’s also a good idea to buy in the late winter and early spring as new flooring lines are coming out and there are often great deals on lines being discontinued.

Know When Contractors Are ‘Off-Season’

So we’ve already noted that it’s typically best to buy materials for your bathroom renovation project when they are not so much in demand. The same holds true for actually hiring your contractor.

Many remodeling contractors are in high demand during August through November. It’s a time when many people are commonly back from vacation and starting to think about getting their house in shape for the holidays.  Our advice: if you can hold out for when your contractor is not busy, you will likely get a better deal on the labor and enhanced customer service.

Regardless of when you decide to renovate your bathroom, or remodel other areas in your home, we are always happy to help with the plans. With more than 20 years experience, we can attest that there’s so much that goes into a bathroom renovation. And unless you’re a professional who does it every day, then all the fundamental details, processes, choices and decisions are going to sound like a foreign language.

If you’re tackling a bathroom renovation, having a working knowledge of what to expect and what to consider can make the difference between what seems like an eternal nightmare ending in a bathroom that you settle for or a much more pleasant experience resulting in the bathroom of your dreams

For more information about when you should renovate your bathroom, call Republic West Remodeling today to schedule a free consultation.

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