Cost Effective Bathroom Renovations

Phoenix Bathroom Remodeling Republic West Remodeling 078It’s one of the first things clients typically ask us when considering a bathroom renovation: “How much will this cost me?” Because each project is unique, our answer is often, “It depends.”

In many cases, the total costs in a contractor’s estimate vary according to a wide range of factors, such as total bathroom square footage, layout changes, material type and quality and more.

Four Factors That Impact How Much Your Bathroom Renovation Will Cost

The average price spent on bathroom renovations can range from approximately $5,600 to $12,900, according to, with high-end projects coming in around $20,000.

This is obviously quite a spread, which can make it challenging to quote a single price until a design-build team has a better understanding of the scope of your project.

Cost estimates vary from project to project for a number of reasons, such as:

  1. Square footage. The cost to remodel a bathroom measuring 25 sq. ft. will obviously cost less than a bathroom measuring 150 sq. ft. (assuming they use the same type and quality of materials.) With this said, square footage is a critical factor.
  2. Tweaks to your layout. It may seem easy enough to relocate the toilet there, add a sink here or move the shower to a different area of the room. Yet, seemingly “simple” layout changes can cost thousands and thousands of dollars, depending on the necessary structural changes, added plumbing and electrical requirements and so on. In many cases, a contractor will not be able to give you a solid idea of the total estimated cost until they have actually opened up the wall space to assess your existing construction.
  3. Type/quality of materials. The quality and type of materials you choose will be one of the bigger factors in how much your bathroom renovation will cost. Cost-effective, pre-fabricated cabinets can be purchased at a local big box store or you can have custom cabinetry built to your specifications. From fiberglass bath and shower combo inserts to standalone soaker tubs and steam showers featuring unique tile work, there’s a lot to consider. And don’t forget about the sink(s), faucet(s), toilet, flooring and tile. Bottom line: the price difference between standard and premium features can be exponential.
  4. Unforeseen delays. Remember to factor in unanticipated snafus, those issues that are impossible to predict until your project is already underway. Examples can include mold or mildew that may need to be cleaned up, structural rot requiring repairs or ancient plumbing that must be replaced before forging ahead. For these reasons, we always recommend to clients to incorporate a 20 percent “contingency” fund that can be used in the event of an unanticipated glitch.

At the end of the day, it’s important to choose the right bathroom remodeling contractor because selecting the wrong one can lead to wasting precious time and money, suffering extreme frustration and having a terrible overall experience.

The best way to go about choosing the right cost effective bathroom renovation contractor is not to hear it from the contractor, but to hear it from their clients. Some of our customers have been kind enough to share their stories. For more information about cost effective bathroom renovations, call Republic West Remodeling today to schedule your free consultation.

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