Tiny Gardens You Can Grow On a Tabletop

Tiny Gardens You Can Grow On a TabletopLooking to add a little more peace and tranquility to your master bathroom? Tiny tabletop gardens, or terrariums, have been trending in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why.

Requiring very little work, these self-sufficient planters can make a beautiful, natural addition to any tabletop, counter or windowsill in your master bathroom, or any other room in your home.

How can you do it? Almost any glass container will get you started. Next, add some sand or stones, soil and plants, and you are well on your way to creating your very own indoor garden.

Here are some inspirational ideas we discovered online:

  1. Colors of the Rainbow. Adding a pop of color to your master bathroom’s garden is easy: simply layer a little bright neon-colored gravel with some potting soil in the glass container as you plant. Insert a few small cacti, and presto! Instant eye candy.
  2. Just Add Water. Do you have trouble remembering to actually water your houseplants? If so, place a water-loving plant in a fully enclosed mini aquarium, and you need not worry again. The fish department at your local pet store should have numerous water plants to choose from.
  3. Keep the Jam Jar. No need to go to the store for supplies to bring a little terrarium love to your master bathroom windowsill. Create your terrarium with recycled jam jars, soil and sand already on hand, as well as cuttings from your garden.
  4. Hang in There. A suspended terrarium is a fantastic design twist on the traditional hanging basket. A chain can even provide an opportunity for vining plants to show off. Place the planter in a sunny window to nurture the plantings and add reflective beauty.
  5. Pitch(er) Perfect. You can save a cracked pitcher or chipped vase from the landfill by building a terrarium out of it. Simply layer gravel, soil, moss and plantings – almost any damaged heirloom can be reborn.
  6. Leafy Greens. Clustered on a tabletop, glass like footed compotes, wineglasses or bowls and jars from the thrift shop can get a new lease on life as an indoor garden.
  7. The Spice of Life. After you spice up your dinners, bring a little of the same to your master bathroom shelf via a collection of recycled spice and seasoning bottle terrariums.

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