Glass Shower Options for Master Bathroom Remodeling in Phoenix

Glass Shower Options for Master Bathroom Remodeling in PhoenixWhen considering what kind of shower as a part of master bathroom remodeling in Phoenix, think about the dynamics of the space and size available. The use of custom glass shower doors brings beauty and openness as well as usability and functionality to the design. The fact is that this design element has also ushered in some innovative solutions that add to that luxury and functionality that is highly prized by homeowners.

Many shower designs incorporate shower sills at the bottom that separate the exterior from the interior of the shower floor. They’re often designed of a solid material like stone or quarts so that it is an uninterrupted surface material that sits beneath the custom shower doors.

One of the growing trends with modern bathroom construction is barrier free flooring that runs through the entire shower, without a dividing threshold. Many homeowners like this stylish and sleek design look that is also practical in that it provides easier access. The clean lines of a continuous tile design from the exterior through the interior of the shower are a big draw.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, Phoenix homeowners are increasingly choosing a “barrier-free” custom shower design that continues the tile uninterrupted from the interior to the exterior of the shower. This can be a major design element when creating an oasis-like master bathroom. The design takes the splash zone into the design consideration in terms of the size of the shower and the placement of the shower heads.

Remodeling your master bathroom can transform the way in which you use it by making it a luxurious retreat. Contact Republic West Remodeling today for more information about how you can start your master bathroom remodeling project today.

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