Family Bathroom Ideas

Family BathroomRemodeling or updating your family bathroom can create additional space, or simply freshen up the existing space you already have.

Republic West Remodeling has some creative tips that can make your family bathroom an inviting and functional space for your family, as well as any guests visiting your home.

Add a Brand New Bathroom

Adding a new bathroom to your home requires planning and consulting a professional contractor. The advantage is that an experienced remodeler can help you decide where a new bathroom will best fit with your existing floor plan and what the most useful layout will be.

Storage Solutions

Functional storage space is important for any bathroom. This is especially true because the clutter that results from poor storage can be frustrating for various family members, and can make an already bathroom seem even smaller (and messier).

Consider replacing old cabinets with new ones, which can give the bathroom a fresh new look and create more storage options. You can also add eye-catching shelving that will allow for extra storage and provide a display area for bathroom trinkets and display items.

Style Decisions

The style of the family bathroom should be simple and easy to maintain.  Try to pick a family-friendly design that appeals to your personal style, but also has practical qualities that will suit the needs of each family member.

Always keep durability in mind when selecting flooring, countertops and fixtures. This can easily be done without compromising style.

Lighting Matters

Most bathrooms require specific lighting solutions.  For example, adjustable lighting options can accommodate task lighting, as well as ambiance lighting.  And bright lighting in a shower stall can provide enough light for showering and shaving, while a softer reading lamp near the toilet for reading is usually sufficient.

Finally, remember to add a well-lit mirror to open the space and help with proper grooming and primping needs.

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