Three Master Bathroom Remodeling Trends in Phoenix

Master BathroomWhether it’s adding a luxury feature in your shower or having more water efficient fixtures installed, it’s clear the emphasis in today’s master bathrooms is on both style and practicality.

If you’re planning big changes to your master bathroom in the near future, here are three trends to watch for in bathrooms near you:

Shower seats

Not just for seniors or those with physical limitations anymore, trendy shower seats are now being installed as a luxury feature in many master bathrooms today. The shower seat also can be helpful when trying to do tasks in the shower, such as shaving.

Anti-fogging mirrors

If there is one thing that annoys almost anyone when taking a bath or shower, it’s dealing with a mirror that fogs up. But with the creation of anti-fogging mirrors for bathrooms, shaving and other tasks, like makeup application, are now much easier to handle. Along with being installed inside shower stalls, these mirrors are also being incorporated into medicine cabinets, too.

Heated floors

If you want to step onto a floor that is warm, cozy and helps to dry out the bathroom quicker, then having a heated floor installed is a great option for your master bathroom. Heated floors can be a great choice as they also eliminate much of the moisture and humidity in a bathroom. Expected by industry pros as perhaps the most popular design trend for 2016, it’s a luxury that in recent years has become much more affordable.

Republic West Remodeling has an extensive in-house operational department ready to help you plan and prepare all aspects of your master bathroom remodeling in Phoenix right down to the execution.

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