Balance Style and Function for Your Bathroom Remodel

Style and Function for Your Bathroom Remodel We each have our own individual priorities and goals when it comes to any type of home remodeling project. What is important to you may not matter so much to someone else, and your  wish list and “must have” items will likely be much different from another person’s vision for the same type of space.

One specific aspect of the project priorities that will tend to set each person apart is their focus on form versus function, or a combination of the two. For some property owners, the look of a space is the most important thing. They have a very clear design ideal that they envision, and it is very important to them that the finished project brings that vision to life. This isn’t just a superficial issue—for these property owners, the way a space looks is crucial in establishing the mood of the space. In order to feel comfortable and happy in the room, they must find its look appealing.

For other people, it is just the opposite. For them, the practical aspects of the space are most important, and design will take a backseat to that primary goal. These are the type of people for whom the bathroom is a place where they need to be able to get through their morning routine quickly and efficiently, doing the tasks that help them prepare for the day without a lot of hassles. They don’t need a lot of frills, and aren’t particularly worried about fancy details.

Most property owners fall somewhere in the middle of this spectrum. They want their bathroom to offer a spa-like experience at home, so they can recover or escape the stress of their day. At the same time, it also needs to fulfill some basic practical purposes.

The ideal solution to the perfect bathroom remodel design is a plan that manages to find a way to magically blend these two goals to achieve the ideal balance of form and function. You want to strive for that combination of details that manages to let the practical elements do their job while accented by the more stylistic details that give the space a personality.

This isn’t as difficult as it may sound. By taking the time to do some careful planning and allowing for creative brainstorming, you can likely come up with several impressive options that will give you the look of your dream bathroom while also enabling you to function efficiently in that space.

An experienced bathroom remodeling expert with creative skills can be a huge asset in this situation. RW Remodeling is proud to be among the best bathroom remodelers in Scottsdale, and we’d be thrilled to help you design your dream bathroom.

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