Things to Consider Before Remodeling a Bathroom

Things to Consider Before Remodeling a BathroomRemodeling a bathroom can be a big project. Like any type of home remodeling job, this can involve its share of stress and headaches. As always, though, good preparation and planning is the key to helping things go as smoothly as possible and keeping the problems to a minimum.

You shouldn’t jump into any type of home renovation job on a whim. These situations require a lot of thought and organization, and the foresight to anticipate obstacles or challenges that may need to be considered or overcome. Bath remodels are no different. They mandate the same type of groundwork and proactive thought as any other type of remodeling project, along with some additional issues specifically related to bathroom projects.

It is tempting to get so caught up in the excitement of creating your new space and making your vision a reality that you want to just dive right in and get started. But taking the time to come up with a smart, detailed plan before any work starts will make things much easier for everyone involved—and may also help you save time and money as the project proceeds.

Here are some things you will want to consider before starting your bathroom remodel:

Your budget, and where the wiggle room is. Needless to say, the budget is one of the first and most important considerations in the planning stage. You can identify a rough estimate of your budget, but keep in mind that unexpected things almost always crop up. If an unplanned expense occurs, you need to be prepared to decide whether you can increase your budget or if you will need to cut back in other areas to even things out. In anticipation of the latter scenario, you should have some idea of where you are most willing to be flexible. Perhaps you are fine with opting for a more affordable flooring material that still creates the look you want. The more areas where you are open to negotiating or considering other options, the better you will be able to react to unexpected costs.

Establish a realistic timeline. Of course, your ideal scenario would be to snap your fingers and have your new bathroom appear instantly. In the real world, though, things take time. You need to consider all of the trades that may be involved in the project, and how long their parts of the work will take. Again, remember that the unexpected has a way of happening with these projects and delays may occur. If you are ordering any custom items, that will also need to be factored into the schedule. Your home improvement contractor should be able to provide you with a good ballpark timeline based on the specifications for your particular plan.

Age and condition of your property. If your home is older or is generally overdue for some repairs, this increases the odds that you will uncover hidden problems or run into unexpected issues. If you suspect there may be fundamental concerns with the space, it may be wise to plan to gut the room and rebuild from scratch, as opposed to trying to work around existing conditions.

Household needs—now and in the immediate future. You don’t want to finish your new space only to realize shortly thereafter that it doesn’t quite meet your needs. If you have children or older relatives who are currently in the household or may be joining it shortly, there may be safety elements that need to be incorporated into the space.

Intentions for the home, including possible sale. Your plans for the property in the near future will have a major impact on any home renovations you may undertake now. If you plan to live in the house for the foreseeable future, you will tailor your renovation and design decisions according to your family’s needs and tastes. However, if it is likely (or even just a strong possibility) that you may try to sell the property soon, you will want to make choices based on what is most likely to appeal to the widest group of potential buyers.

Your tolerance for a construction zone. While there are some things your contractor and the crew(s) involved can do to help minimize the dust, noise and other conditions that go along with construction, some annoying aspects are just impossible to avoid. Again, your contractor can offer valuable insight as to exactly what to expect. Then you need to honestly evaluate your (and your family’s) ability tolerate these conditions. It may be wise to make plans to be elsewhere for at least the portion of the project where the most distracting conditions will occur.

The most important thing you can do to ensure that your bathroom remodeling project goes as smoothly and stress-free as possible is to select your home renovation contractor carefully. RW Remodeling has successfully completed many bathroom remodeling projects and would love to assist with creating your dream bathroom.

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