Things to Consider for Your Bathroom Design

Things to Consider for Your Bathroom Design Let’s face it, bathrooms are a big deal. They are a part of the house that serves a variety of important roles. Obviously, there are the functional purposes. Those can pretty much be fulfilled with any kind of basic bathroom elements: as in, the toilet, sink and tub. But bathrooms today go way beyond the practical. These spaces now serve as a spa, retreat, dressing room, recovery area, meditation space and many other things.

Today’s bathrooms are also bigger, fancier and more versatile than their old-fashioned predecessors. This means that the process of designing a bathroom space is now a more complicated and challenging process, filled with a seemingly endless series of decisions and a number of individual smaller projects.

While each bathroom renovation and design project is unique and we can’t delve into every possible decision you may face when planning your new space, here are a few common bathroom interior design issues you will likely need to consider.

Basic design style: This is one of the first fundamental decisions you will need to make. It may also depend in large part on the design of the rest of your house—and whether you want your bathroom to blend in or stand out. If you want it to seem like a totally separate and different space, you may prefer it to have a style that is completely opposite of the rest of the home. Other than that, you will need to consider the major design questions that come into play for any space. Are you traditional or modern? Do you tend to follow trends or be totally unique? Do you like your colors bright and bold or natural and understated?

Layout and setup: To a certain extent, this will be dictated in part by the size of the space, its configuration and where/how it fits into the house. Within those parameters, though, you probably have some room for choices and individual preferences. Think about how you use (or would like to use) the space. What layout would be most efficient and comfortable, given your typical routine? Try to mull over the things that annoy or disappoint you most about your existing layout, and brainstorm ways in which you can change that in your new design.

Long-term plans: Your immediate or fairly distant plans for the property will be an important factor in guiding your decisions for this project. If you plan to stay in the home for a long time, then obviously you will make all of your choices with your family’s tastes and priorities in mind. However, if you plan to sell or are considering going in that direction, you need to think about potential buyers. We have all heard the common real estate advice about the importance of bathrooms and kitchens to buyers. This new and improved space will get a lot of attention from potential buyers, so you want to do everything possible to increase the odds that they will like what they see. In this situation, it generally isn’t a good idea to get too unusual or creative. You want other people to be able to easily see themselves and their family using that space and feeling comfortable there.

Budget and priorities: Yes, it’s a harsh reality but you will most likely need to adhere to a budget. This will to some extent control what you can and cannot do. But even within a modest budget, you can stretch your dollars quite a bit if you are creative with your planning and use a careful strategy. Determine your most important priorities. You will also want to separate your absolute must-have items from your “wish list” features. Address your requirements first, and then consider the extra luxuries once you see how much room is left in your budget. Be a savvy shopper and research more affordable alternatives that can give you the same look and feel you want, in a less expensive way.

Household situation: This may only be important if you don’t have plans to sell, but you will want to consider the current makeup of your household, and any potential changes or challenges that may be on the horizon. If you have children that may soon be leaving home, you don’t necessarily need to design the space with kids in mind. On the other hand, if you or current/future members of the household will have physical issues or limitations, accessibility will be a critical factor with regards to design.

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