Phoenix Bath Remodel Offers Payoff Other Projects Don’t

Phoenix Bath Remodel Offers Payoff Other Projects Don’tIt’s a well-known mantra in the real estate world: buyers like kitchens and bathrooms. So for homeowners who are planning to sell in the not-too-distant future, investing in a bathroom remodel to give the space an upgrade can pay off when buyers make an offer. Of course, you need to make your choices carefully, and with the preferences of potential buyers in mind. If you splurge on very high-end luxury elements, you will have a tougher time recouping your costs.

USA Today reviewed five projects that probably won’t allow you to recoup your investment when it comes time for you to sell the property. Roofing is perhaps the one that‘s the most common investment among sellers. Roofing tends to be the sort of thing that buyers only notice if it’s bad. If the roof is in good shape, it tends to be taken for granted.

Not surprisingly, extremely specialized (and, in many cases, indulgent) features—such as, say, a bowling alley, super customized mancave or souped-up garage—are also unlikely to provide a good return on your investment.

One thing on the list that some people may dispute: a home office. While you can often increase the property with a home office, the increase in value may not be as much as the space cost to build or add. This may be because many people outfit home offices with top-of-the-line furnishings and technology, which drives up the cost. Another concern: while some buyers will be eager to have a home office, others won’t. To appeal to the widest range of buyers, set up your office in such a way that it can easily be converted to a bedroom or other usable space.

RW Remodeling can help you design a space that you—and your future buyers—will love, whether that means a Phoenix bathroom remodel or other project. With our decades of experience in the local area, we can also offer advice as to what is most likely to appeal to potential buyers.

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