New Paradise Valley Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2014

Bathroom Remodeling Trends 2014Let’s face it, it is fun to look at the hottest trends for home remodeling. And there is certainly no shortage of trends to watch. Whether it’s for a bathroom specifically or any type of home remodeling or design project, you can easily find a seemingly never-ending stream of updates about the hot new trends, many of which seem to disappear almost as soon as they arrive. And of course it’s never a good idea to be too obsessed with trends because this can stifle your own creativity and leave you with a cookie-cutter look that doesn’t stand out at all.

Still, it can be interesting to take note of the latest trends to use them as a potential source of inspiration that might spark some of your own unique style ideas. And while you don’t want to go overboard on trends, it usually doesn’t hurt to work a trendy element in as an accent or minor part of your overall design.

So here are some of the latest and newest trends for bathroom remodels in 2014, as reported by Style at Home:

Black fixtures and tubs. Obviously, a black bathtub isn’t everyone’s taste and may be difficult to incorporate into your overall theme. But it definitely stands out, and is something different you won’t see everywhere. For a more muted way to work black in as an accent color, consider trying black faucets and fixtures, or even black tile.

Curbless showers. A seamless design where the flooring flows right into the shower allows for a chic and modern look that works perfectly in many sophisticated approaches.

Creative ledges. Incorporating ledges in unusual locations—such as in showers or behind vanities—lets you maximize space while also creating a distinctive look.

Whether your style leans more towards trendy or traditional (or anywhere in between), we can help you brainstorm an individual design that fits your personality perfectly—and perhaps even includes some of the hottest Paradise Valley bathroom remodeling trends. Contact RW Remodeling to discuss your bathroom remodeling project.

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