Relaxing Elements to Include in Your Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodelingThere’s a growing trend toward making home bathrooms look and feel like our own personal at-home spa or retreat. If you are planning a bathroom remodel and want to create a peaceful, soothing escape where you can unwind, de-stress and pamper yourself, there are some great features you can include that will really go a long way toward creating that at-home oasis you seek.

Here are a few ideas:

Hydrotherapy tubs: You don’t have to stick with a plain old boring bathtub. There are several premium tub options that offer the ultimate in soothing relaxation. A few options include a whirlpool, a soaking tub or even a massaging tub that incorporates “bubble massage” therapy.

Sound and lighting: Sure, you could put in some fancy speakers or invest in a great surround sound audio system. But the ultimate sound-related bathroom indulgence is vibrating musical sound waves that travel through the water. And when it comes to lighting, you have options that include adjustable systems that can create soft, dimmed lighting when needed—or colorful “mood lighting” if you want a unique atmosphere.

Programmable showers: If you prefer showers to baths, you might want to consider a high-tech programmable shower system that lets you choose the temperature, position of shower heads and even extras like pulsating water flow.

Of course, you can also use design elements like colors and materials to help establish the relaxing or spa-like atmosphere you crave.

No matter what type of environment you are envisioning for your dream bath, we can help bring it to life. Contact us to discuss your bathroom remodel.

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