Points to Consider When Remodeling a Den

Points to Consider When Remodeling a DenTo many people, the traditional concept of a den is a room where one family member would go to seek refuge, shut out the world, or escape.

Today, almost everyone in the family needs a place beside their bedroom to unwind and relax.

As such, it is smart to include a space in your home where anyone who wants to be alone can do so in peace.

A Long Time Ago… And Today

Many years ago, remodeling a den included heavy, wood furnishings, traditional décor, and dark hardwood floors. The den was not only a place to escape but also to conduct business and have serious meetings or discussions.

Today’s more modern dens are much more flexible and serve numerous purposes.

Many homeowners include items their family finds enjoyable and relaxing. Objects commonly featured might include a fireplace or even an aquarium featuring unique, tropical fish, as well as several cozy upholstered chairs, along with a desk.

The key is that your den should be peaceful and calming, yet also be able to encourage productivity. The primary purpose of the space is to be able to provide a room where any family member can escape to think clearly, relax, and not be bothered.

Here are a few more points to consider when remodeling a den:

  • Make it a guest bedroom. Paint your den walls, add some comfortable furnishings, and include a guest bed in the space. Invest in some cozy linens, decorative throw pillows, and a luxurious comforter for an added room enhancement.
  • Add “Zen” to your den. Encourage clear thinking and relaxation. Consider purchasing a soothing area rug, unique, comfortable throw pillows, and several interesting plants.
  • Create an entertainment room. Dens are fantastic for entertaining guests. You can watch favorite TV shows, movies, and sporting events. Many homeowners also add a bar area, billiards table, and other game-related activity stations to their dens.

Are You Ready to Remodel Your Den?

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