Living Room Remodeling Ideas

Living Room Remodeling IdeasHave you been wondering how to achieve a beautifully designed living room?

The professional design team at Republic West Remodeling believes the secret to a luxurious, balanced, well-appointed living room space is to strive for an arrangement that feels sophisticated, yet is conducive to conversation and relaxation.

We also tell clients that all of a living room’s key elements should marry together beautifully.

Here are several tips we recommend to clients searching for living room remodeling ideas:

  •  Start with a unique area rug to define your space. With today’s increasingly popular trend of open living areas, it is entirely possible that your “living room” is more like a large open area that also includes a kitchen or even dining area. Any living area can be enhanced by first positioning a rug as a base, or focal point to help visually establish the area. The key is to pick a rug that makes a bold statement, either via pattern, texture, or color.
  • Create a furniture layer. Start your living room remodel with solid, neutral furniture elements. Consider eliminating entire matching sets of furniture and instead select a combination of complementary, yet diverse furniture styles. This approach ensures that your furniture provides an elegant backdrop for treasured accessories, such as paintings or pottery.
  • Incorporate your unique personality with antiques, family photos, or plants. To avoid having your living room look exactly like a room in a furniture catalog, make sure you add in special, rare finds. Consider antique side tables or vintage books.
  • Remember to add texture. Texture is essential in a living room remodel. Add texture to your overall look with whimsical accessories scattered throughout the space. One-of-a-kind throw pillows are a good way to accomplish this task, as are beautiful textured wallpaper or handmade baskets.
  • Finally, be sure to step back and check for visual balance in your living room. Strive for visual symmetry amongst your furniture pieces, plants, and decorative elements.

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