Trends in Home Office Design

Recoup Some of Your Room Addition CostMany employees are no longer confined to an uninspiring cubicle for 40 hours a week. In today’s digital environment, working from home is becoming increasingly popular.

If you one of the fortunate people who can work from home, consider designing a home office that you will truly enjoy.

Here are several 2017 home office design trends:

  • Try Textured Wallpaper. Wallpaper, especially the textured varieties, has been making a comeback for a few years. Bring the trend into your home office design to create visual interest without crowding the space. You do not have only to use wallpaper in the traditional sense. Try incorporating it as a pop wall, within a picture frame, or even as an accent strip.
  • Dabble in Shades of Blue. According to stylists at Elle Décor, Navy is “the new black.” In fact, navy adds just enough color to an otherwise one-color room, yet it does not create a feeling that your walls are “closing in on you” as black tends to do.   
  • Consider Cork. Do you want to embrace your greener side? Cork walls are not only trendy for home offices right now, but they also are functional and eco-friendly. Switch out the old-school chalkboard wall for cork. You can use this wall, along with some eye-catching pushpins, to keep track of work-related to-do lists, notes, reminders, and more. 
  • Make It Rich. If your style is more traditional, consider designing your home office with rich wood tones. You also can add luxurious, beautiful fabrics and intricate patterns. If you hold meetings in your home office, this sophisticated look will impress any client or colleague.
  • Modern Accents. If you prefer a more contemporary look, pops of bright colors, unique textures, and geometric designs can bring delight to an area that otherwise may seem dull.
  • Less Is Best. When it comes to working from home, it seems things today are shifting toward minimization with regards to equipment, smaller, more portable devices, wireless technology, and digital files. With this concept in mind, focus on the essentials only, including necessary equipment, furniture, and anything else you need to work efficiently.
  • Go Au Natural. Workspaces filled with light help lower stress and remind us of the external world. Aim to flood your home office design with lots of natural light. You also can choose outside elements and natural colors to help recharge your mind each time you look up from your work.

Dream a Little Dream …

At Republic West Remodeling, we realize the true value of comprehensive tools and resources so homeowners can conduct their own home office design trends research, dreaming, and planning.

Check out our various Client Stories on our website. Review our Image Gallery for real-world, inspirational examples of our work. You will find great design ideas and inspiration for all of your home office remodeling projects.

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