Ways to Make Your Bedroom Your Sanctuary

remodeling master bedroom Did you know your master bedroom can be more than just a place to sleep? It can also be your inner retreat, where you start and end your day by relaxing, reading, watching TV or simply unwinding.

However, if your bedroom needs more serenity and less clutter, try these ideas from industry professionals to create the cozy, restful space you’ve always wanted:

Seek Simplicity

Let’s face it: too much stuff can be burdensome and create anxiety. Reducing clutter to only the essentials can make your master bedroom look and feel more relaxing. Instead of seeing piles and piles of magazines and books, unused chairs or your childhood stuffed animal collection, your eyes and mind can focus on the room’s main purpose: sleep and rejuvenation.

Keeping your bedroom on the sparse side allows for focusing on a great view or even the gentle lines of the furniture. Another benefit of keeping it simple is there are fewer pieces of furniture to buy, so it’s easier to invest in higher-quality, luxury pieces. Cleaning up is much faster and easier, too.

Choose Calm Colors

It’s no secret that paint color can change the mood in a room. It’s also no surprise that paint is one of the most affordable projects you can undertake that can deliver the biggest payoff.

To transform your master bedroom into a calming retreat, you need to decide what colors you personally find most relaxing. Some homeowners opt for whites and off-whites for their sense of cleanliness. Keep in mind that light colors tend to visually expand space, but stark whites can often be seen as too harsh.

Others find darker colors cozy and enveloping. Dark colors on the wall can feel expansive if the trim is also painted the same color, especially because the wall and trim recede as a single entity. Yet, the opposite is true if a dark wall is paired with light-colored trim, because the contrast of the light trim defines and highlights the edges.

Finally, if neutrals don’t do it for you, other colors homeowners tend to find relaxing are pale blues, greens, purples and pinks.

It’s OK to Get Touchy-Feely

Try to incorporate a wide range of different textures to feed not only your sense of touch, but also your eyes. For instance, four walls of painted drywall can look and feel cold and hard. However, something like grass cloth wall covering can add warmth and a tactile quality that make the walls far richer than traditional smooth ones.

Furthermore, exposed brick, wooden beams, natural woven window shades, and wood molding and trim are additional strategies you can use to enhance your master bedroom’s tactile qualities.

Finally, don’t forget to include an area rug around your bed so your feet have something plush to land on in the morning.

Breathe Life Into the Room

Including a few live, potted plants in your décor is a simple way to boost your mood and help purify the air. Even imagery of nature can have a similar calming effect. Don’t forget to include found natural objects from nature walks, visits to the beach or special vacations in your bedroom.

The best way to go about remodeling your master bedroom in Phoenix is not to hear it from the professionals, but to hear it from their clients. In fact, some of our Republic West Remodeling customers have been kind enough to share their stories with you.

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