Time to Brighten Up Your Bedroom

Scottsdale Master BedroomIf your master bedroom has felt a bit dark as of late, it’s time to brighten things up with summer right around the corner.

By making a few minor changes to your master bedroom, you can have a fresh, cheerful retreat to call your own. Here are a few ideas for brightening up your master bedroom:

Replace Your Bedding

One thing that often has the biggest impact on the overall look and feel of your master bedroom is your bedding. If your comforter is dark or has just become worn in recent years, it’s time to replace it with something fresh and new.

Opt for something bright and colorful to instantly make your room feel brighter. If a bold or vibrant colored comforter is not within your “comfort” zone, instead, consider buying new bedding in a light or neutral color, such as white, cream, light gray or beige. Add a few colorful pillows, as well as a bright throw blanket, across the end of your bed for an extra pop.

Organize and Clean

Before you start adding a lot of new things to your master bedroom, you should start by taking away anything that’s making the room feel cluttered or too heavy. Clear out unwanted, old items and donate to a thrift store.

As for the items you want to hold onto, tuck them away neatly inside your dresser or closet, instead of leaving too many items out in the open – which can create a cluttered look and feel. Once you have the excess under control, thoroughly clean your master bedroom.

Bring in Some Nature

One way to make your master bedroom feel brighter is to bring in bits of nature. For instance, showcase colorful, fresh flowers or a simple houseplant.

Brightening up your master bedroom can be done simply and affordably, and can make a big difference in how you feel about coming home at the end of a long day.

It’s important to choose the right master bedroom remodeling in Scottsdale contractor because selecting the wrong one can lead to wasting precious time and money, suffering extreme frustration and having a terrible overall experience. Contact us today for details.

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