Home Office Design Ideas

Home Office DesignWhether it’s a special, designated room or cleverly tucked away in the corner of your kitchen, a home office usually juggles multiple personal and business-related operations in a typical household.

For example, one desk area might serve a number of purposes – a parent who telecommutes, a video game-playing middle schooler or the household’s financial organizer. Because this space often handles a wide range of activities – and users – it’s important to consider various scenarios as you plan your home office design ideas.

Questions to ask might be: Who will be the primary users? What business or personal tasks should the space be able to handle?

Next, make a list of the important equipment, documents and files that you will need to store in the office area, as well as the furnishings and supplies required to successfully complete all jobs.

It’s Design Time

Before the design phase, it’s important to measure your new home office space and design a plan that incorporates a work surface, storage pieces and potential display areas. Choose a workstation that matches your personal style preferences. It’s smart to choose a desk equipped with file drawers, too. If you are looking for a vintage look, try a table large enough to house a keyboard and computer screen, file organizers and ongoing projects.

Select a chair for your desk that is compatible with your other office furniture. And if you or other family members will be spending hours sitting at the computer, spring for an ergonomic desk chair equipped with wheels and an adjustable seat.

Finally, if there’s extra floor space, consider bringing in bookcases to catalog files, and control incoming and outgoing paperwork. Consider repurposing pretty furniture pieces like trunks, nightstands and end tables to serve as stands for printers, computer equipment and more.

Decorate With Flair

Invest in plush area rugs to lay out, and using organizers in appealing colors and unique textures. Try hanging a framed, magnetic chalkboard or a pretty fabric-covered bulletin board to use to post memos, photos and mementos that double as artwork. Finally, place oversize, eye-catching baskets into a corner to use as hiding places for “not-so-pretty things,” such as copy paper, ink cartridges and file folders.

The bottom line; Keep both function and fun in mind when it comes to home office design ideas to create a space that is not only efficient, but also personal and unique.

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