Managing Your Phoenix Home Addition Project

home additions phoenixAny time you decide to add rooms onto your home, you are engaging in a major undertaking that could leave you out of your home for at least a little while.

As a result, you will likely want to keep a tight rein on the progression of your Phoenix home addition project to make sure that it comes in on time and under budget. And while you will have to rely on others when it comes to completing construction on your home addition, there are things you can do to manage the project.

Will It Really Be Completed On-Time?

A big concern for many homeowners who decide to take on a home addition project is whether the work will be finished on schedule and within the estimated budget. With this said, the more advanced planning and preparation you put in for your home addition, the less likely you are to encounter any major obstacles, according to professional renovators.

The key is to learn about the process in advance, understand what will be involved and hire the right professionals for the job. This way, any changes to the original timelines and budget will be the result of decisions between you and your contractor during the renovation process—and not simply sub-par planning and management.

Here are a few tips to help get you started:

  • Hire a contractor with the right skills and background for your specific home addition job. Experienced professionals understand what it takes to do the work and how to develop a schedule that works for both you and their team. Not only do they have a network of reliable subcontractors and suppliers, but they also know how to prevent issues that could potentially alter your project’s schedule or budget.
  • Keep in mind: Many home additions projects in Phoenix require a permit. The time involved to get a permit can vary, and should always be calculated into the timeframes for your renovation. Additionally, in some cases, a zoning variance or adjustment may be needed, which in some cases, can push the start-up of the project back for several months.
  • Aim to have the design and material choices selected before starting the actual work. Most importantly, don’t leave any loose ends or you risk potential bumps in your schedule. Understand when you have to make decisions. Don’t simply wait until the deadline, or you risk jeopardizing the work schedule. Additionally, once the work has started, keep changes to a minimum. Note that changing your mind on something could impact both timeline and cost, especially because your contractor may have to redo work, order new materials or wait for subcontractors to help with the changes.
  • Discuss your expectations with the renovator upfront. You may be surprised that a bathroom upgrade, for example, could take weeks or even months to complete, depending on the depth and scope of the project.

Finally, it’s crucial to recognize that there are just some things that neither you nor your contractor can control, such as poor weather, an illness, a wrong shipment or items on back order. If any of these do occur, your contractor can discuss the possible impact on your project, including solutions and possible adjustments to the schedule and budget with you.

There are many advantages to choosing Republic West Remodeling for home additions in Phoenix. We have an extensive, in-house operational department. Our pre-construction manager plans and prepares all aspects of your project, right down to the execution. By offering thoughtful, well-planned timelines, you are able to plan your life during and after the remodel.

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